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44 Straight Days of Boost Sales - Can You Overmilk a Cow? I Mean, Whale?

Boostsales have ruined the game for me! Have been the most active player of my alliance for over a year ( used to play at least 3-6 hours every day), have been VIP since the beginning in support of this game. But not anymore! Whats the point? Before pvpreset a weekor two ago i was just 60 trofees shy of reaching 6000. Now( since i refuse to put anymore cash in this game) i have dropped to 5300. Last 20 matches i have loss with no chance at all of winning due to horrible MM and overspeedboosted dino’s. For someone like me who has farmed some many hours to see all that hard work go to waste is just disgusting. I used to spend 25€ and 10€ ViP each month on this game , but hell not anymore. Now i don’t think i even play 1 hour a day anymore. I barely get my daily missions done and i don’t really care that much anymore. I have one dino left to create ( monorhino) and most meta relevant dino’s are lvl 30 or asfar as i can get them without spending more money. Its a shame how low this game has fallen. Well atleast I can play with dino’s in ARK survival evolved.


People are still spending money on this game? With no end in sight of when it will end?


The end is near…if not, which is the point of ruining it by overmilking the cow?


Opened the game and SURPRISE, another boost sale!! Yes, feels like an end-game milking @Grooveman And 37 days straight now… :frowning:


At least it is a full tier today. Yesterday it was a measly 25 of each. How am I supposed to MAXX BOOST with only 25 per day???


Thats what the special pop up is for… for days they offer a full tier.


I think boosts could have been awesome in hindsight.
Where I think they blew it was it should have been absolutely free and unlimited (To dino level). One of the cool things is the custom builds. When you begin fighting others that are max boosted no two matches are alike and every match is interesting. If they had made boosts completely free and unlimited so that everyone could personalize their dinos I think it would have been universally loved.
They were making good money before boosts so I dont think putting a price on them was necessary.


Yeah… Im actually a fan of what boosts could have been… if their wasnt such a cost to them their could have been an entirely different meta game on how you boost your dinos. And thats what I think the guy that came up with boosts envisioned. Then somebody was like and we could sell them.

Ive stated many of times they could have added boosts into a battle pass system. With vips earning 2x the boosts of non vips. Then you have two groups of progression speed. Remove boosts from incubators and change the timer back to nublar.

Its a way to earn back all the vips they lost and get new people to sign up. And much more sustainable because people would keep vip even after they max boosted their team to stock up for potential team changes. They probably could have gotten away with increasing the vip costs between 12.50-14.99.


Guys, I just got the notification today, wanted to pass it on.

There’s a boost sale today.


Boosting health, attack, armour, crit chance and even dodge chance are all ways that boosts could have been great.

But speed boosts took away the only real balance the arena had. These should never have been added.

But hey, it’s way too late now, and I can only guess plenty of people are buying them as they are still for sale every single day.

I just hope some of the revenue Ludia get from the sale of them is used to iron the many bugs that affect us all.


Ah - I had not made that correlation. Thanks @Evicton.

Unfortunately i dont think the vast profits filter to production value, otherwise there wouldnt be as many bugs.

“Dont get cheap on me Dodgson, that was Lydias mistake!”.

Wait…wasn’t Denis Nedry a programmer…=O


We spared no expense also buy our boosts ;also if you have time consider Save thylacotor


Still waiting for ur vote @Stiffeno it be very appreciated

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Welp, I just started doing what others on here have done. Since Ludia nerfed TWO of my previous dodge/cloak counters (Monostegotops and Ardentismaxima, although the latter will get a lesser version of its definite back in 1.12), I’m just going to close the app when IncomeRaptor shows up. The only nullifier I have at team level is my L29 unboosted Procera, which is not a good counter to IncomeRaptor due to the latter being able to go through evasive if I use it. I don’t have any other counters to the IncomeRaptor thanks to previous unnecessary nerfs, so PoGo is looking more and more appealing as the days go on. Either that, or I try to switch to an alliance that doesn’t require battling, use up my incubators, and stop arena for good.


Just closed the game on an overboosted 145 speed Thor. What’s the point? Ludia, you have killed the arena.

May just drop again to Lockwood and try some other dinos. it is getting harder and harder to have any fun with this game.


another day of boost sales. Oh and these

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you seen what is inside?

Its a double down or prepare for 1.12 kit. Pretty nuts. With Smilomemys now gonna be a beast, question will be take the L or double down.

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equal parts HC for the price. then the 100$ one is 200 attack and health 100 speed boosts, premium inc.
$50 is 100 health and attack, 50 speed boosts premium inc
and the $20 is 100 attack, epic inc.

Oh yeah!!

Boost city in the incubators!!

Wait… We can only purchase one of each???