4466 rank is top 500 after 5 days


Anyone feeling that its very slow?

Whats your prediction will be the lowest of the top 500 at the end of the tournament? Im guessing it will be 4750, rendering a whole bracket of tourney prize without anyone being able to claim it.

Feeling the crunch of the tourney. Maybe resetting trophy before a tournament isnt such a good idea. Maybe for >7000 rank can all reset to 7000 so the top 10 can race in the tournament. Lets not kid ourselves. The rest dont have much chance to race against them anyway.

The rest just leave them alone as the progression of arena rank is soo slow since mostly we are just passing on trophies from below us to above us anyway.


Well…I’m less than 50 trophies from where I was after the reset. I’m actually playing less now than during the tournament. Basically just keeping my incubators full for now. Slooooow going though. I’ll probably pick it up after the weekend. I suspect others are waiting too.


I am actually not participating in the tournament but just battling for incubators. Reset at 4207 and I am 4298 now. Ludia gave me an Epic incubator day before yesterday and once I activated that, I stopped battling for 24 hours. I think a lot of players are doing the same hence the low score in top 500.


Hmm…I got an epic battle incubator 2 days ago also.


6m waiting for opponent is way too much, i ended most of the time canceling the search and no replenish the incubators


Reseted to 4500, now still around 4500~4550.
Still I must say, that battle pairing rework let fair pvp been ruined.

I tend to speed up all 3h & 15m incubators about 1 month ago, now only for 15m.
So many reasons let us not like arena battle anymore.

Obviously one main reason for me is…no more available new dinos for me to try.
If they don’t spin local spawning group, this wouldn’t improve.


Ludia has a huge flaw in their reset system. Anytime you do this kind of a reset, trophies are discarded into thin air. So, say 10 player had 100 trophies and started a new tournament. I took ten from each of them.

They all start with 90… but there are 100 less total points available. Then I allow 5 new players to join. They start with 0. Before the reset 10 players could have 100 trophies each. Now 15 players could evenly have 60. When you strip 1000s of medals from people, those people now are fighting over far less. The totals will probably be less than last tournament.

The only way their current system would work is they take the stolen trophies and give them to mid level bots… to feed mid players trophies and drive them up into the upper bracket for sharks to feed. It’s a bad overall design for a tournament… but they are doing it so people feel they have a chance at dethroning the top 3 players some day.