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450,000 rare DNA, seriously

My alliance plays hard and spends a lot of time on this game. Yet the only time we can’t reach level 5 on Exploration is when we have to get 450k rare DNA. We barely ever get half that amount.This mission is a bit ridiculous. I wont even go into the absurdity of the defense missions. I feel maybe 5% of alliances are ever able to hit 5 there, yet nothing has been modified at all. I am not saying make it easy, but not over the top crazy like this. Help us out a bit please

We finished it yesterday. 2.5 days to complete rank 5 exploration.

30 rare attempted should be a big help. 30 ×50 is 1500 attempts for the alliance. Even if u only dart 100 each that is still 150,000 dna.

Good thing is we still have today and tomorrow for the rare creatures in supply drops! and with 30 attempts, that’s a lot of rare DNA. Hopefully y’all can pull together and get it done :smiley:

Also, this might help give you some tips if you are struggling with something in particular :smiley:


Here are a couple of tricks to help you guys out.
Trick one. Nobody open the weekly rewards until told to do so. Usually when at 4 Exploration 3 defense. You have two to three people call out what is needed. This means everything you open will apply to the next goals. This can add a lot quickly.
The assigned callers for Exploration is usually going to be calling out darts that need to be shot.
The assigned callers for Defense is usually going to be calling friendly battles needed as well as daily battle incubators.

Trick two. You can make rare or epic DNA with combos. Make that rare dna for suchotator and it goes toward that rare total. Make the epic dna for the Sarcorixis and it goes toward the epic total. This will cost the individuals doing this some coin, but it helps the team.

Trick three. Share the rares. This requires your alliance members to work as a team and to listen to their leader. Now that you are done laughing, Realize it is not impossible. You will have everybody requests the rare Einiasuchus, Almost everybody has way too much of this guy… If not, well they can make him.
In any case, in theory if everybody has him, and everybody requests him, you can get 25,000 rare DNA per share session.

Trick four request everybody in the alliance work on rares in the sanctuary. They can get about 160 rares per day. Be sure to use a level 6 or higher sanctuary for better returns.

Trick five… Remove from the alliance all the dead weight or too casual players and/or the players who don’t communicate. This is harsh, but part of the fault lies with Ludia. It is very difficult for an alliance leader to monitor who is dead weight, casual, etc. Most games will have a turnover rate attrition rate where you are going to lose a certain percentage of players monthly.
Also insist on players using another form of communication, because the in-game one is buggy.
Suggestions are Discord, LINE, and Instant messenger groups. This helps coordinate
Also nag Ludia on the forums constantly for something to allow the leader to track what their alliance members are doing. Otherwise you will want people to send you screen shots.

Good luck


Pretty much what white cat said. Another possibility is on Monday or Tuesday use one of your donations for rare but dont open it til 4. You can save like 3 or 4 over a few days. 1600 DNA x 50 (assuming all 20) 80k. Plus rewards like he said is another chunk. Plus save an incubator or 2. You can start rank 4 over 25 percent done before first dart thrown. It takes teamwork and communication. And dedication. Is it too hard for most, yes. Would like to see it reduced some but seeing how there are several alliances finishing it with days to spare I doubt they will.

Those are excellent pieces of advice and I appreciate you taking the time to share with me. I will give them a try. I also am in the same boat with Deepwrinkle, in that this is a game and should be fun and not feel like work. I understand putting in the effort, but lately we’ve been night and day at it, without the ultimate goal reached. This is killing the desire to play for so many. And I cut lots of dead weight, there’s just not enough quality active players to replace the vacancies. I will try the aforementioned techniques and see how it goes. Thanks guys!

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