4500+ Active daily Looking for clan

Looking for a clan that is active. I am active daily and check in on the game at least 4x daily.

Gamer ID: JDub #6526

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Hi @Jdub,

you are kindly invited to join our Clan “Teutonische Drachenreiter”!

We are currently fighting against 5⭐️ Dragons and we could use your support.

And don’t be afraid of our German speaking Clan description, our clan chat is bilingual, both German and English.

If you are interested send me your in game name and you’ll receive an Invitation in no time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Marc alias GarvinDark/GarvinBright

Hi there, I am from the clan “Sons of Odin” and we could use an active member like you.
We are currently stuck on 6* alpha. We need abit more firepower to take the alpha down. I will be kicking 2 inactive members soon to make space. Let me know if you are interested.