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4500 in a weird spot rn


Due to mm making you face +/- 200ish(?) trophy opponents, my matches are either vs level 25-27 team or 17-19 team.

For now, anyway.

Hoping it gets better as time goes on and folks start to spread into the other arenas. I mean, when i can be top 500 and still have 2 arenas to get to, something aint right lol.


I faced someone with 4800 trophies earlier while I was only at 4300 trophies (was because I got knocked down big time!), got a taste of the prowess of Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur :rofl:


Haha ouch!!! Those are rough.


Are you finding that it’s taking a while to get matched up in battles? I’ve been noticing that lately though I thought at low 4000s I shouldn’t be having that challenge :thinking:


Depends on the time of day, but yeah i do.