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>4500 Trophies Can All Be Matched in Battle

I’m so skeptical this suggestion will even be read, let alone go anywhere. Please prove me wrong :smiley:

That said, especially with the new trophy changes with bonus points for win streaks, getting above 4500 trophies in battle becomes a wasteland. It is so rare to match with other players without hitting the wait button over and over. While that certainly makes it much, much easier for ToM events and collecting battle chests, what if anyone in the top tier of battle could match with each other? In other words, anyone above 4500, no matter your trophy count, could match with anyone else above 4500. A 6500 could match with a 4510. I bet that would make it feel a lot less empty up there.

As i said before, I’m sure it’s going to make it harder for me to get legendary items out of ToM if this did happen, but it bet it would make the game a lot more fun for the top dozens of players.

Especially directed towards the players that hit 4500 every battle season, what do you think?

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Yo @Silvermouse I thought it was already like this. Once you it 4.500 you can be matched with anyonelse over 4.500. Isn’t it like that? Anyway I never meet anyone, sometimes I wait 5 minutes but nothing. Devs should seriously riconsider the match-making process (apologies for my English)

Sadly, I don’t think it is, but I might be wrong. I thought, no matter what tier you are in, you match with someone within 200 trophies unless you hit the wait button, sometimes multiple times.

Also, your English is great. It’s unquestionably better than my Italian :laughing:

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While I agree this problem is extreme for players at the top of the leaderboard, it is worth noting this issue has somewhat metastasized below the 4500 point threshold. I speculate this is due to the ongoing player exodus.

This decline is likely the result of a combination of factors including, the reopening global economy, unresolved long standing connectivity issues, event rigging, and continued developer inattentiveness to such common and obvious match-making concerns. I am concerned the current infinitesimal player base is inadequate to sustain the app. Hopefully this decline may finally convince the developer to be cognizant of player sentiment. As such, I hope some proactive changes are planned and may arrive in the near future, Perhaps such changes can resolve issues such as these inestimable wait times.

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Well, that’s very likely at this point!

Thank you :sweat_smile::rofl:

This :pray:

I think they should match us with the closest human regardless of division and just weight the points based on odds (like they already are). Human battles are much better than bots and upsets are common!



A while ago there was some discussion about the odd system Ludia established for PvP. Other developers handle PvP quite differently. Had some of the discussion points been implemented it seems likely the app and specifically the PvP modes would have been successful. Some of the various ideas floated included:

  1. Eliminate the trophy count reduction applied to losses. Punishing players for losses has inadvertently compelled many players to avoid PvP. This significantly reduces PvP participation.

  2. Immediately match players. The 45 second delay is also punishing. Many players, myself included, refuse to wait. This also significantly reduces PvP participation.

  3. Allow players to chose opponents. The offered opponents could be a choice between automated opponents or awaiting a human opponent. Different trophy amounts could be offered for victory based opponent difficulty, with the human opponent always being the highest reward. This way the user could choose the difficulty level. I have seen this used successfully in other apps.

  4. Do not Rig Events. Utilizing a match-making engine that matches weaker Event Players against overpowering Battle Mode players was a critical error. The short-term fiscal benefit of doing so has likely been offset by current losses resulting from player inactivity. Although most players do not know what is causing these abhorred matches, their absence from the game in conjunction with the multitude of forum posts discussing this topic certainly expresses this frustration.

PvP would likely be far less desolate had these or any other obvious alterations been implemented.

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