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4500's is getting a little "Sandy"


Pretty pathetic if you ask me. :stuck_out_tongue:
Third one today.


4250 is like this too.

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Even more pathetic. :confused:

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I soloed someones lvl 28 indo, lvl 26 thor, lvl 26 rat (predicted swap, swapped into dilorach) and lvl 24 erlidom,
with a lvl 21 dilorach, + lvl 19 dracoceratops and erlidominus lvl 21


This person started with Rinex, then went into Indo after I beat it. Nearly killed the Indo, but my team comp was kinda bad. shrug No biggy, I’ve only dropped 80 points from arena droppers today sarcasm.

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I should battle for you lol

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Haha, thanks? Not sure how to take that.

Nah, I’ve got my own battle style. These things happen, but I lose respect of people that do it.

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I dodged a lot today.

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this, but I dodged :sweat_smile:

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I see what you did there. Lol


I really hope those aren’t the kinda teams you’re seeing at 4500!
If so, I’m terribly sorry.

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I had a stellar run of rng that took me from running into to teams like that at 4300… all the way down to hiting my new low in three months at 3800…
I thought to myself ill get a few easy wins now…qued into a level 28 thor at 3800… i had three more battles for my daily but all i did was start the battle turn, turn my screen off, place phone down 3 times over the next half hour.


I’ve seen a few of them today. I am normally lucky enough to avoid them, but today says otherwise. Lol
Do not apologize for actions you didn’t do. :slight_smile:
You can’t control all your members, dropping is a common thing. This is over kill though. :laughing:

This is their team currently. Looks like they’re about to drop some more.


That’s disappointing. I’ve faced arena droppers before. my team isn’t maxed out but it’s formidable and even so… it was not a fun experience. I hope things change.

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I do too, this tournament has been particularly bad with droppers. I think it’s because Blue is the dna being given. They don’t want it, so they drop knowing that they can rise back up easily.


I think you hit the nail on the head.
Personally i’ve become quite apathetic to where i end up this time around.
The motivation to match my prior ranks just isn’t there. I won’t drop, but don’t particularly care if I win/lose a match anymore.
Partly b/c of Blue, Partly b/c of DC.

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I wish everyone was respectable like that. It would make things so much less stressful.

I actually don’t mind arena dropping too much, so long as you at least use level acceptable dinos. :confused:

Edit: Lvl 30 rare or commons are one thing too, lvl 30 legendary and uniques are a complete other. :laughing:


I tried dropping a while back to get arena exclusive dna (massive fail each and every time btw). I used whatever level dinos I had that matched the arena I was in and it was actually a lot of fun! Gave my paramoloch and Postimetrodon and spinotaraptor some overdue attention. Nice change of pace for sure.


That is how it should be done if you’re going to drop. I’ve done it twice when my rng got so bad that I needed a reprieve. So I put a bunch of lvl 15s on my team that worked well together and slowly made my way down. Was alot of fun and I was able to give a bunch of lvl 20s a run for their money. :laughing: