46 trophies lost

Just lost 46 trophies IN THE TOURNAMENT due to the perpetual battle cut off glitch. I was in 2nd place, and dropped like a rock due to crappy servers and something that Ludia is obviously too incompetent to fix.

Real nice

Ok, maybe I didn’t? First it showed my trophy count drop, but my leaderboard amount stayed the same. Then I restarted the app and let the leaderboard reset and my trophy count was back up again and I’m still near the top.

I give up. I’ll never figure this out…

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Just lost another 51 for the same reason!


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Yeah, I see this in the regular arena too.

I kill an opponent, but don’t get to choose my next moves.
It is like AI takes over my account and plays for me.
(Very poorly, I might add!)

I have no idea, now I’m back where I was before. If they implemented a fix or workaround I wish they’d tell us!!

I’ve realized I have not been matched with anyone above me in the standing all day. Which means when I win I get a pittance of trophies, but when I lose it’s a massive loss.

Worst tournament ever.

Gain/ loss factor this tournament is absurdly unfair. The highest medals lost I’ve seen was 56 and the lowest gain was 1. This hasn’t been an issue in previous tournaments. The ratio of -30/+30 was working well and all players seems to be happy with it but why was it changed.

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