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4600+ looking for a clan to join!

Hello! Looking for a clan that beats 5* dragons or above. I participate in dragon battles daily and if i have issues i always inform.


Try the Scotland Clan. Great leader over there

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Can you send me a screenshot of the clan?

Hi. Clan name: HaveFun. Now we fight with 6* Alpha.
We need 100k more damage so you can help us. :smiley: I send you an invite :smiley:

Leader just replied back to me and they are full now.

:fire:we can take you. :fire:

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Hi, if you still looking for a clan we are fighting against a 5* alpha today and 6* tomorrow. You would be more than welcome, I only remove members when they become inactive without given any notice. I add a picture of the clan, feel free to join if you interested.