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48 seats are free, hurry up and come to me :-)

After some alliances, I created my own : Hardcore Pensioners Club
l’m looking for active players who enjoy the game.
I’m hoping for members that play at least 2 hours a day, master their daily fight incubator and who like to request and donate DNA.
I attach great importance to communikation and teamwork. I’ m German, speak a little English.
At the moment I’m still allone, but I easily reach Rank 3 in Exploration.
I myself play many hours a day, hoping for support to move forward.
If you have courage and eagerness to build a new alliance, then just make a request at
Hardcore Pensioners Club
I’ll add you then. I’ m looking to you joining and also hoping for some german members, too.
Best regards ,


All the best :+1:

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Thank you very much , friendly greetings to everyone :wink:

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I admire your gusto but you may find it easier to merge your small team with another alliance, that’s what our alliance of 12 did. Now we’re in an alliance with about 35+ active players. We could still use some dedicated players who understand the value of team work. I understand if you want to keep forging your own path but the offer’s there if you want it :slight_smile:

Hi Blackiosaurus,
thank for your message, we appreciate this and say thank you, but we will continue to fight for our little alliance. We don’t want to play rules in alliance any more, because we use our efforts wisely. We can easily manage 4/1 with a couple and we are very excited about how our alliance will develop and wish you continued enjoyment in this beautiful game.
Best regards
DinoWhisperer and Dinorider