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4900 BP active player looking for a good clan

i want to join a clan with 4000BP requirement or more. If you have any empty spots msg me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have nearly 4700bp … and many many empty spots (Schattendrachen Clan)

You’re welcome to join The Dragon Riders. We don’t have a BP requirement, but almost all of our members have above 4k (a handful of us, including myself are above 5k too). If you are interested please DM me and we’ll figure out inviting you.

We r lookin for strong players… Faboulous Fighters…

Send me inv. TicoCar#5951😊

It says player not found. I made room for you, please see if you can join us yourself :slight_smile:

I am in, tnx.:upside_down_face: