4k power, active player, LF good clan

I spend all boss energy as soon as I’m able to, currently at 4k power but working on still boosting some dragons behind-the-scenes that will put me at approx 4,900 when I’m done. I live in NA, EST timezone if that matters at all.

Would also prefer a clan with a Discord server as I am on Discord all day long and would be easiest to contact me there versus in-game.

hey, @Heartwing can i see your roster? i’m looking for those kind of players…

Sure, give me one moment.

Currently in the process of boosting my yellows up so the team I’m using atm is more of a placeholder until I get my 2nd versions to boost it, but I still do approx 10k per hit on each alpha

sweet that’s cool man… um i’ll get back to you in like 20 minutes ok?

Alright, I’ll keep an eye on the site.

alright thx

hey, @Heartwing join Rogue RumbleHorns

when you’re in i’ll get your discord number