4th Community Design Challenge; Hyper-carnivores!

Very late to this but there’s still time. I’ll try to whip something up.

Meet Ankyphocodon! This hybrid is made up of scaphognathus, ophiacodon, and ankylosaurus gen 2. Fused from Ankylocodon and Scaphognathus this creature boasts a cunning move set. It can control speed with shielded decelerating strike and chomp tanks with armor piercing impact. Much like it’s parent, scaphognathus, this hybrid will command swap in wound, regeneration, and swoop. Scaphognathus’s 128 speed meets ophiacodon’s immunity to fuse a ferocious carnivorous tank.

Edit: Almost forgot to mention that Ankylocodon’s 25% armor and 20% crit chance do indeed carry over as well as the low attack and average health found in both parents.


armored Scappers!

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Wow! I love it!

I have always wondered what a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Stegoceratops hybrid would look like

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Will we get one? You still have time!

It is only one carnivore, so it can’t participate. But it’d be an awesome looking hybrid!