4th Community design challenge, Hypercarnivores!

Thank you to all the participants, we value all of your entries, and know it took much time to work on these!


First up, is @Erlikg2 , with their Faboulous Zhuanjialong


[(Mei+ Irritator G2) + Archelon]


Hp: 3900


Speed: 131

Crit: 10%



Pinning strike( Mei and Meitator have it, so…)

Precise rampage ( Archelon would be a tankier Miragaia. Miragaia and it’s hybrid Dsungaia have high damage output. So…)

Shield advantage ( Irritator G2 destroys shields, Archelon makes shields)

Fatality ( Deal 1× damage. Dot 25% of opponent’s health for 3 turns. Distract 50% for 2 turns. Cleansing moves cannot be used for 3 turns)


This small troodontid is incredibly wary of those that are not of its species. The Zhuanjialong hunts in packs, and has a strange hunting technique that only they understand.


Next, we have @Dinomaster3000 with their Amphitroodon!


‘Two way Wounding Tooth’



“Perhaps the most intelligent amphibian ever known, the Amphitroodon’s taste for hunting is thankfully quelled by its sensitivity to light. Retaining massive eyes from its Troodon ancestor and having developed nasal tubes like a moray eel, it lies in wait in shallow pools and the roofs of caves to take dreary creatures in the dead of night. If it’s size and spinal strength from the Metriacanthosaurus ancestor weren’t enough, the venom of the Troodon has been tweaked to be delivered from its giant lower fangs. Some handlers swear the skin also seeps the deadly toxin, taking it off the menu of larger predators.”


~Nullifying Strike

~Lethal Venom(New)- 1X, Max HP DoT over 3 turns: .15X turn 1, .33X turn 2, .40X turn 3. Distracted 25% turn 1, 50% turn 2, 90% turn 3Delay: 0, CD: 2. Can stack

~Impairing Impact(New): 1.5X, Negates Opponent critical chance to 0% for 3 turns. CD: 3, Delay: 0

~Definite Impact


~Toxic- Damage taken is partially reflected at opponent at 33%. Cannot be dodged. When hit opponent is distracted for 1 turn at 20%.

HP: 4500

Attack: 1200

Speed: 121

Crit: 20%

Armor: 0%

Now, we have @Slogokok34 with his Amazing Paronithomimus!


Like the epipedraco, this close relative is capable of powered flight, during the change of the seasons this supercarnivore can mold his feathers to camouflage and impress any female, there have been reports of changing sail patterns due to the presence of chromatophores!

Next comes @Carnokiller1 who gave us a brilliant proceratodon!

The Pryoceratodon was made by DPG to help increase love for dinos. The creature itself was designed to be colorful and pretty but the end results left it to be only affordable to millionaires. And was made to always scamper and hide leaving it out of training. This left the genetics to be almost scrapped, but is had proven to find items of use such as watches, eggs and importantly coins.

It is a unique and is made from pryoraptor, troodon and procerathomimus.


Now here comes @Leegsma22 with:


Spinosaurus + kentrolophosaurus (kentrosaurus+dilophosaurus)


Health 4000

Damage 1150

Speed 122

Armor 0%

Critical 5%

Superiority strike

Exploit wound

Burning acid

DoT 0,3× of targets max health for 2 turns

Destroy armor for 2 turns deal 1,5× damage

Cooldown 3

Instant distraction

Distracting counter

Deal 1× damage and decrease targets damage by 50% for 1 turn after receiving and surviving a physical atack

This carnivore can produce an acid in its spine strong enough to burn trough metal. It uses the acid mostly to burn trough the armor of ankylosaurs, but also to fight against rivals.


This one here is the hybrid you’re voting for, but @Leegsma22 left us all with a present of:



Kentrosaurus + dilophosaurus


Health 3800

Damage 1250

Speed 123

Armor 0%

Critical 5%

Superiority strike

Nullifying impact

Distracting impact

Instant distraction

Medium distracting counter

Deal 0,5× damage and decrease targets damage by 25% for 1 turn after receiving and surviving a physical attack.


@Povalov is new to the contest, and also to the forums! But his design is totally awesome, just like the others;



@Serpent02 might be another name you don’t recognise, and this time around he gave us;

Shin (Death).

Trex + baryonyx + Dakotaraptor

Moveset- unbeatable.



@Nundasuchus has given us A very awesome design-

Meet Ankyphocodon! This hybrid is made up of scaphognathus, ophiacodon, and ankylosaurus gen 2. Fused from Ankylocodon and Scaphognathus this creature boasts a cunning move set. It can control speed with shielded decelerating strike and chomp tanks with armor piercing impact. Much like it’s parent, scaphognathus, this hybrid will command swap in wound, regeneration, and swoop. Scaphognathus’s 128 speed meets ophiacodon’s immunity to fuse a ferocious carnivorous tank! Ankylocodon’s 25% armor and 20% crit chance do indeed carry over as well as the low attack and average health found in both parents.


@GermanRaptor has treated us with a beautiful selection of creatures;

  1. Microraptor (rare) x Cryolophosaurus (epic)

The Microraptor is a very small species that reminds of the modern birds. It uses its feathered wings to glide between trees and is even able to fly for short distances.

The Cryolophosaurus has a pair of small, sail-like plates on its head. It is a fearsome carnivorous dinosaur and can often be seen in battles with other theropods that try to steal its prey.

Those two species are used for the Cryolophoraptor.

Cryolophoraptor (legendary)

The Cryolophoraptor is Jurassic World‘s smallest predatory hybrid. Its finger claws are unable to grab prey so it has to hunt in packs. Many hybrids persue the prey and inject venom with their bites. Finally, when the prey dies due to exhaustion and the venom, the Cryolophoraptors have to eat very fast before other predators steal their prey.


  1. Cryolophoraptor (legendary) x Tyrannotitan Gen II (epic)

Cryolophoraptor (see description above)

The Tyrannotitan is the biggest non-hybrid dinosaur In-Gen has ever created. It is more powerful than Tyrannosaurus and bigger than Giganotosaurus. It is a lonely predator with a frightening appearance.

The Tyrannotitan Gen II is a modified type with a complete white body, only the flank line and its eyes are shiny green. The Gen II is more aggressive and way faster but also a little smaller than the original Tyrannotitan.


  1. Cryotitan (Unique)

Cryolophoraptor + Tyrannotitan Gen II

Cryotitan is the strangest hybrid of the Jurassic World. It has the monstrosity and power of the Tyrannotitan but the intelligence of Cryolophoraptor. The feathers and the head horns are parts of its ancestors. The biggest surprise was the fact that this hybrid has two heads. Both share one body and every head controls half of it. Cryotitan is a brutal and blood thirty creature with two hungry heads. The icy-blue eyes give it a cold and merciless appearance.



And here’s my entry, you can vote for it, but, PLEASE choose another entry!! Mine is insignificant, and terrible!

This is (Dakotaraptor + microraptor )+ Dsungaripterus. Or Dsungaraptor.

As two of its components have wings, Dsungaraptor has them too, but cannot fly or glide due to its heavy weight. It’s also entirely feathered, due to microraptor’s feathers.


Here’s the poll, and please, vote for the one you feel is the best design!

  • Erlikg2’s Zhuanjialong
  • Dinomaster3000’s Amphitroodon
  • Slogokok34’s Paronithomimus
  • Carnokiller1’s Proceratrodon
  • Leegsma22’s Spinolophasaurus
  • Povalov’s REDACTED
  • Serpent02’s Shin
  • Nundasuchus’ Ankyphocodon
  • GermanRaptor’s Cryotitan
  • Sarahsaurusrex’s Dsungaraptor

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They both look great but when I saw Kentrolophosaurus I knew I needed that hybrid in the game. It looks like a cooler Dilourano and a great defensive dino. I got a very similar feeling for spinolophosaurus too.

Jebus Christmas! So many good hybrids! I would die for these things to be made for the game!

I just wish that bleed was a thing for the higher arenas. It seems like every update recently has been adding more immune dinos… Which is cool! But dang, bleeding out a dino as a strategy is low-key vicious and awesome to play around with.

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Wow, very tough decision. :open_mouth:
So many great ideas! I love that Amphihybrid hanging from the top of the room in the flashlight. I also like the pic of that Shin hybrid, awesome work but sadly it only shows the head. Then the flying Ankylocodon bird hybrid, awesome!
Everything is nice and creative!

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Amazing entries everybody! Seriously tough to vote. It feels like everyone is improving with each one!


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