4th Community Design Challenge Winner- Cryotitan!

@GermanRaptor, congratulations!
Cryotitan along with all the other fabulous entries can be found here- 4th Community design challenge, Hypercarnivores!


  1. Microraptor (rare) x Cryolophosaurus (epic)

The Microraptor is a very small species that reminds of the modern birds. It uses its feathered wings to glide between trees and is even able to fly for short distances.

The Cryolophosaurus has a pair of small, sail-like plates on its head. It is a fearsome carnivorous dinosaur and can often be seen in battles with other theropods that try to steal its prey.

Those two species are used for the Cryolophoraptor.

Cryolophoraptor (legendary)

The Cryolophoraptor is Jurassic World‘s smallest predatory hybrid. Its finger claws are unable to grab prey so it has to hunt in packs. Many hybrids persue the prey and inject venom with their bites. Finally, when the prey dies due to exhaustion and the venom, the Cryolophoraptors have to eat very fast before other predators steal their prey.
2. Cryolophoraptor (legendary) x Tyrannotitan Gen II (epic)

Cryolophoraptor (see description above)

The Tyrannotitan is the biggest non-hybrid dinosaur In-Gen has ever created. It is more powerful than Tyrannosaurus and bigger than Giganotosaurus. It is a lonely predator with a frightening appearance.

The Tyrannotitan Gen II is a modified type with a complete white body, only the flank line and its eyes are shiny green. The Gen II is more aggressive and way faster but also a little smaller than the original Tyrannotitan.
3. Cryotitan (Unique)

Cryolophoraptor + Tyrannotitan Gen II

Cryotitan is the strangest hybrid of the Jurassic World. It has the monstrosity and power of the Tyrannotitan but the intelligence of Cryolophoraptor. The feathers and the head horns are parts of its ancestors. The biggest surprise was the fact that this hybrid has two heads. Both share one body and every head controls half of it. Cryotitan is a brutal and blood thirty creature with two hungry heads. The icy-blue eyes give it a cold and merciless appearance.

So, Congrats again @GermanRaptor!

Congrats also to the other entries! It was very close!
The results are as follows-
@GermanRaptor with 27% of the votes.
@Dinomaster3000 with 15%.
@Leegsma22 tying also with 15%.
Myself with 12%.
@Serpent02 with 12% also!
@Slogokok34 having 11%!
@Nundasuchus with 8%.
@Carnokiller1, @Povalov and @Erlikg2, your designs were also awesome too!

Congratulations everyone!


I knew I was in a 5th-3rd range, I’m OK with the result

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@Sarahsaurusrex Wow, I‘m speechless right now. Thank u so much to those who gave their votes to my hybrid. :blush::blush: I‘m so happy. :slight_smile:

There were so many awesome entries and I found it very hard to vote for only one. I had some favorites and let the coincidence decide. Then I voted for Amphihybrid hanging from the top of a room. :+1::+1:

Congratulations to all who participated, I hope there will be more challenges like this. So awesome and fun. :+1::+1:

And @Sarahsaurusrex thank u so much for that challenge and for the amount of time u gave us. In my case, I totally needed it. :sweat_smile:


Congratulations! I really like how both heads are distinct. You did a great job.

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Amazing work you did!! Congrats!!

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Congrats, this challenge was a tough one. You were all very good.

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If I could’ve I would’ve voted for several other entries, but alas, we can only vote for one. Congrats GermanRaptor! Cryotitan is liiiiiiiiiiit! Would toats die for that to be real!


Congrats @GermanRaptor!