4th July T-Rex or Pyroraptor?


So i was doing the event and getting T-Rex DNA which i thought it was tomorrow at least from what the weekly rooster looks like. Assumed the dinos on the weekly rooster are not in order by days of the week so i kept gettingn the T-Rex DNa till i got to some parks near me where Pytoraptor was the event dinosaur?!?!

So on 4th July is Rex or raptor dna?
I was only left with 2 more tries for the event when i saw the pyroraptor instead of trex… Got mighty annoyed cause I now i cant get the pyroraptor.

Is it just me? A bug? or its how this event is worling for today?

Thank you!


The 2 Dinos are combined today/tomorrow. You get six chances total.



That’s really nicely explained in the game isn’t it…

That’s appaling change of how the daily works with NO NOTIFICATION


Yeah, it’s not explained anywhere in the game, but we read about it like a week before they changed it here.


I get they would rather explain it in their forums but an alert to the game and a post on social media directing you to the update post would have been appreciated by a lot of people.


Quite right.

I doubt a majority of game players use the forums.

If it was a new feature… Then fine

But changing up an existing feature with no in-game warning or explanation is poor show


Ahhh thank you very much!
I had the thought that maybe it was going to be the same tomorrow so its awesome to know!

It would have been nice to get a ingame notification about the merging of dinos for this event since im not in the forum normaly so i will start to keep a better eye on it xD

thank you very much for the answers!!


Pyro all the way faster and better uses unless you dont have a indorex then id go trex


so if i used all my 6 tries yesterday the 4th then i have no more tries today?!?! :expressionless:


Yes, the total of 6 tries were for both dinosaurs combined and overall for the span of two days.
I guess their intention was to keep it flexible so we can use them during either of the days.

The developer should have done a better job of explaining this through some pop-up message or detailed instructions.


now that sucks :disappointed_relieved:
used all my tries and cant get pyroraptor now :sob::sob:


Its sad… yes but u must choose your fav now. Better than only 3 chance still


yeah i do not mind the extra tries and choosing the dinosaur i want i just wish i had stumbled on the information earlier and not cost myself a pyroraptor :joy::sob:


Yesterdays count down clock showed you that 6 tries covered today as well.


I, too, am annoyed by this. There was a t-Rex and pyro at same location. I thought I had stumbled on the t-Rex. It was not until I located the last pyro that I found out! I have spent money for t-Rex only to find there was no DNA in the incubator, and then to find out that these two are combined with no notice except for a forum? Bad form. Sigh. Thanks for listening. So frustrated.


I got the information in time and got my Pyroraptor today. I think the new mode is better…you can act tactically and choose how many attempts you want to use on which dinosaur.
But yes - they should have informed us via an ingame popup! Definitely!


oops my reply is waiting to be posted xD said a bad word oops xD
nothing bad but no i did not notice there was some info onthe countdown :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


im still getting this event pop up. shouldnt they change it since its not a new dino everyday now but 2? xD