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4th of July theme week specalations #2

We all know that next week is 4th of july but what can go in this theme?

  • Any Colerful hybrids ( unique and legendaries )

  • Any ingredients of the hybrid ( utasino = utarinex )
    Last years was utarinex, pyrotator, utasino,etc

My 4th of July’s theme:
Hybrids: Magintator, pyrotator, monometrodon
Epics: Sino, Pyro, posmetrodon
Rare: utha, irri, dime, erliko G2
Commons: Mono G2, Enio, Dime G2, scolo

Well there is my speculations for 4th of July.
I will be making a series updating or making new themes/weeks. I make two a week, you should expect another in Tuesday or Wednesday
What should my next speculation be?

  • Fast
  • Fierce
  • Armor
  • High HP

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Indo gen2,

Indom gen2, ProRAT and blue

Echo, ornithomimous, proceratosaurus
And Rex gen 2

Cause why not keep spoon feeding us these guys

In all seriousness it’s probably just gonna be a twist on North American Dino with some Permian and Cenozoics dropped in. Either legendaries or uniques will be dartable Saturday


I accidently pressed sumbit before actually wrighting anything. The post is complete, enjoy!

Nah its going to be:

And then ProRat on Sunday


No it got be full proRAT :joy:


What was the event of 4th July last year?

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Utarinex, Pyrotattor, Utasino, Utha, Pyro, irri and some others but I can’t remember

Those were in the incubators maybe… Last year I believe was feathers +fireworks… ProRat. Hopefully they actually change it.

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Hey that’s not July 4th heh its March

wrong week lad

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That would be much better than what we actually got lol. @Ludia_Developers are hopefully changing it! Jokes aside it was ProRat… I have the pic. They even put ProRats pic on Orni.

Creatures with the ornith and erlik rigs. Up to epics

Lol I think it’s just the same theme

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Ya, I think it’s the same theme as well.

Technically you were right since the first 4th of July the 2018 one was the feather one with rinex the second year how ever was feathers+fireworks in 2019 and that was erlikosaurs and the terror birds along with proRAT

Maybe we will get firework supply drops for 6 months again :roll_eyes: