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4th unique!


So stoked


Well done congrats! To top it off with a nice fuse :smile:


Wtg! Unrelated but I about fell over when I got 100 on allisino for thor.


Nice Job! I’m working on my first unique which, 9 times out of 10, would be Indoraptor!


Congrats! Welcome to the Tuoramoloch club!

Last night, I worked overtime for Sinos. I, too, got my 4th Unique… Utarinex!!! My last fuse was also a 50!

1600 Sino dna and now I am look down at an empty barrel… :sweat_smile:


Grats, still wondering if I should make this unique., have the dna, just so many naysayers on the forums.


Thanks all!! @Blu , I’m gonna give it a shot. I think it counters rinex/dilo, BUT I think it has to be even levels.

I’m gonna see what magic I can work with it.

Grats @Samguy ! That’s a really good one!!!

WOW @Kodiakhunter1 nice!!

lol @MyFishDrowned , that was mine too, you’ll get there!

Thanks @Calebrys :smiley:


It counters bleeders perfectly. Can slow them, stun them then duck out, It does fairly well against Indo as well. I think in the righr hands its a serious asset


Wow congrats man!! :heart_eyes:


Ty! I love it. Fits my deck and playstyle perfectly.


Congrats!!! It looks deadly


Touramoloch worth in team? I allways hear that hi is bad


Unlocked mine yesterday too!! So do you think it is worth it at least for a try?? I esthetically love it, i would really like to be able to play it if is any good.


It works like a charm for me. Really solid and versatile dinosaur. Especially deadly as a dynamic duo with its hybrid brethren, Diorajasaurus.


Congrats! I just created my paramoloch like 5 minutes ago. Don’t know how I don’t get that much stygimoloch from incubators.


I’m thinking about to switch in for monstegotops because the moveset is quite similar…don’t play dioraja, i went for the tryko route, but i imagine they are a pretty nasty combo together haha


It’s a good candidate for Monostegotops’ spot. I don’t use Mono because Tyrannolophosaurus is covering me with the nullifying.


Feel it needs to be at or at least close to team level, but its functional and fun for me.


I’ve thought about using it as well. I love that it’s a CA, and it’s much more useful than people give it credit for. Like you said, it has to be at team level… but I’ve been demolished by a Tuora sweeper many times lol.


I really love tuora. I took out indom for it, and I’m loving it.

Anyone whos played vs me knows how much i loooove my * and run moves.