4th unique!


I’m enjoiyng her too, maybe a little damage buff would be appreciated haha (i fell in love with the first tuora with 1.4k damage). Also unlecked Utarinex yesterday, now i don’t know whether to dart sino or stigy for the remaining 5 attempts😅


Id love to see it get the dilorana treatment. Give it half its nerfed dmg back.


Very nice. I also fused the Paramoloch because I think she looks awesome but I haven’t used her on my team yet. I’m not sure how to incorporate her onto my team and I haven’t leveled her past the initial creation. Have you used her yet and what do you think of her so far?


Congrats, that’s great! Soon your team will be all green (I’m only green with envy… still only have Indo).

Just one question: Why is everyone saying not to bother, she’s the worst unique, etc.? Even metahub rated her lowest among uniques. If you think that’s not true, I might reconsider… she’s probably easier for me to create here in L3 than other uniques.


Great questions that deserve a proper response.

When I can get in front of a computer I will type out a proper answer.


I think it is rated so low because of the of the matchup between other uniques. It lacks distraction so the only hope is that it stuns and is able to run. Which it seems it’s stun is broken for me currently lol. It definitely has great matchups tho(indor and spino)Great dino to lead with. It has enough hp to withstand some hits as well. I also would like to see it’s attack stats increased a bit. It is a cool looking dino


#7 with a 50 fuse :grin:


So, @Idgt902 summarized what I was going to say well. Better than I could have really. Hes spot on, as usual :slight_smile:

So, lets start with my deck and my philosophy:

Thats my deck. And those are my options.

I love tuora. Is it my best card? No. But it compliments my team really well.

In the current meta, I find stuns (now 75%), slows (ss doesnt cleanse) and * and runs (deals with bleeds) to be super useful. 1.5 is, for the first time imo, more about your team than your individual dinos.

Looking at my team, indom is a lot more standalone. It’s great, but doesnt do a lot to contribute to the team (my team, anyway). Great when it works, dead when it doesn’t.

I currently run diloracheirus (great utility and dmg), rinex (ditto), and now tuora. They all can something and run. It allows more full use of all 4 dinos for me.

Tuora is also bulky. It can take a hit. Its not horrible as a revenge killer (see my vid I posted) just like both dilo and rinex. It sets itself up very well. I love its moveset, its setup to do 5x dmg while your opponent does 1 attack (counter attack, impact t1 - thats 2x, impact t2 and 3 - thats 3x dmg.) And most of what I run to is great once setup. It also slows things in the way out, which can be game changing.

It has stun, which us wonderful. As does rinex. As does dilo. Are you seeing a pattern here?

I plan to round out my team with thor:

Huge callout to my awesome alliance for all the help here btw.

Thors speed, along with dmg, will really do well for me (and yes, another stun). It will replace allo for me.

You will notice Im using some low level (comparatively) cards - and they generally work for me. Its because my strength is my team.

Anyway, before you all fuse on it, see how it would fit your team. There are many successful team comps out there, this one is just a good fit for me.

I hope that answers your questions :slight_smile:


Your play style and mine are quite similar I keep thinking about taking out my Monomimus for Tura but keep hesitating because I put her to level 25. I really love my hit and run Dino into counter attacks.


Im debating creating dioraja.


It has done work for me and I keep thinking about leveling it to 23 and putting it back on my team


Thanks for the info, definitely food for thought.

Dioraja is the unique I’m closest to creating (230/250), so she’ll be the second one on my team. She’s an impressive opponent, so we’ll see. When the time comes I’ll have to decide who to replace… but I know where to come to ask for advice.



My Toura (lvl 22) even survived a Indom cloaked APR yesterday. It isnt the best thing ever but it is versatile and situationally amazing


that wasnt a cloaked apr my friend.


It was actually, didnt crit and left me with 22 hp