4v4 Online PvP Suggestion

Multiplayer 4v4 PvP

This is a small idea that occurred to me a while back, after the Hadros Lux Raid was released.

The basic idea of this would be like the normal Online PvP, but would work like in Raids. You would have to gather between one and three other friends or alliance members (depending if you want to have a 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 battle) to enter. After you have your team gathered, you will be matched with another group of opponents around the same average level as your own team. I thought this would be a fun new addition to the game as there aren’t any raids one can do during the weekend, and once you’ve done all the strike events there isn’t much for players to do other than battle in the normal Online PvP. I find the fact that there isn’t much to do on weekends other than Tournament Battles quite boring because I have stopped fighting in the PvP arena ever since I started losing cups like crazy (-400 cups in less than 2 hours :pensive:).

I don’t think it would be a good idea for this battle mode to impact a player’s trophy count, because it could easily be abused by low level players gathering a group of very high level players to get up to their level. Instead they should only be used as a means to obtain incubators.

Similarly to friendly matches, there could be an alternative mode for this arena, where all creatures that enter are set to basic stats (Level 26), so you can have fun with friends.

In order for a team to win, one group would have to take down all of the other team’s creatures. The HUD would display four takedown medals instead of three, unlike the normal battle arena.

This is it for this short article. It’s just a small suggestion that I thought would make the game more fun and enjoyable for players. Tell me what you think about it in the comments. :+1:


The concept would be great BUT based on actual raids wouldn’t the battles just be infinitely long or very short? Just everyone constantly healing with Tuora’s for example (really long) or a mass buffed group attack eg. 3 Tryo’s one Mortem (really short)

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For me i want
1v1 but use your 4 dino facing opponent’s dino
Like raid

Tuora vs Tuora match. Add some Tenrex and a Tryos that helps improve that buff… and… unlimited battle. XD


I get what you mean, and I didn’t think about that lol. The battle system could also have a surrender button like in raids, which would work in the same way

Something feasible I think would be to have raids in the Campaign at appropriate points


Yes. Say goodbye to getting Dracoratted while playing a 4v4

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