Many alliances can do 5-4, how many can do 5-5 if the defense reward is IRRITATOR?
We know the killing two are battle of 4000 and incubators of 2000, how many days we need to get that by not spending…
How do leaders motivate players to battle? Do lots of friendly to make 2 counts/friendly.
How do u get friendly to be done “easily”? when online connection is so lagging…

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I think it would be doable but would require more co-ordination so there aren’t “dead zones” where most activity is being wasted because one goal is still to be completed to achieve a rank.

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Your alliance can complete Defense to rank 5?
How do u get your players to battle n battle, and how many days u need in order to have all the time to do this?

No, both I have been in have been 5-4 alliances; I just think the time spent on each rank is the key defining point and there are definitely periods where activity doesn’t count as one more thing needs to be done on the current rank - opening daily battle incubators seems to be a common one. If everyone who hasn’t opened theirs was nudged to do it when needed then you would have more time to complete the next rank.


I believe u are in one of the top alliance in JWA, can u predict based on current alliance requirement, how average members of an alliance is playing, what is the % of alliance u think can do defense 5…by not spending ok…
I wonder if ApexPredators can do it…

We are just having conversation about defense missions in our alliance.

As I once calculated full alliance would need 3-4 days for last tier to be done without problems (10-15 incubators/daily and 20-25 battles/daily per person).

First problem is do 2000 battles on tier 3 defense. Usually that is last stepping stone on way to tier 4 defense. So if all other missions are done few days earlier all incubators and daily incubators are wasted waiting to finish 2000 battles.

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I am sure AP can do it given the time their members invest in the game. I was in Sand Dunes and am now in InternationalDinos - not sure what defines a top alliance but they are both great. Its hard to predict until we have something that makes rank 5 more desirable - I just think it is achievable with co-ordination.

Yes, 20-25 battles/player, so your entire player base will do that?
Assuming we have 4 days…50 members…2000 incubators n 4000 battles…
It means 500 incubators a day…10/player.
20 battles a day/player…all players will do?

U were in Sand Dunes n now Inter…, both r great, can u share how many days your alliance took just to get both mission into 4-3?

I believe that for right rewards would all players do it. 10 incubator daily isn’t tough to reach if you have always one incubator running and with all strike events, free incubator that recharges every 6 hours and daily incubator.

If you battle regularly for incubators then 20-25 battles isn’t that tough to achieve, as you lose some too.


We are currently 3-2 but will be surprised if we are not 4-3 by the end of today.
I think top ranks are designed to only be achievable to full alliances where the majority of members are active and contributing to all aspects - which I think is fair.

Even a full house alliance will not be able to be sure all players are available to play daily, hours of hours a day…the numbers we calculated are basically on theory, in reality, how do we get 50 members to do it together?
I really wonder how many alliance can be sure they can do 5-5 without some real active members doing majority of the tasks on their own…

So how do your alliance leader motivate the players to do “friendly?”…
And do u see that your alliance do lots of friendly???

Don’t need many hours to play. Incubator pops up every 3 hours mostly, sometimes 8 and rarely 12 or 24 hours. Little more work when you get 15 minute incubator. I tend to have always incubator running and filling empty slots as soon as I can. Found out that filling one or two empty slots is easier and less risky to fall in long losing streak. There are at least 2 or 3 incubators from strike towers daily. If you open free incubator only before sleep and when you wake up, that’s 2 more + daily incubator. So if you can get through one round od 3-15-3-3-8 incubators that means you open 10 each day (counted 2 for strike towers).

Battles are little harder, but there are friendlies too.

I thought the same, but in reality, some players will activate 24hrs, 12hrs, or even one 8 and that’s all a day…so the deficit will flow into balance players to get…
When u have these players that activate incubator lasting one whole day, they don’t battle, again the deficit flow to others…
How many players will keep tract their incubators n immediately refill the empty slot to make sure a “running incubator?”…
I just feel Defense 5 should be adjusted…even they gv IRRITATOR as reward, 95% of alliance may still fail to get it.

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Defense 4 should be adjusted. Also battles required at defense 3 (2000).

Still you get 24 hour incubator rarely, 12h twice as fast. If you put in 8h incubator if you don’t battle, you won’t get more of these long incubators.

Players rather fill more empty slots at once I see too. That’s also why we see so many complaining posts about RNG and OP dinos. If you have 3-4 empty slots you need 3 or 4 wins. Though you can’t expect to win all in a row. If you are lucky you win 50% of your battles, but mostly will lose few in a row.

Every alliance has international players, if we can get 10 online 24hrs running i would say that’s extremely active alliance.
Even that, how many players will do friendly few matches a day? few days a week?
Wanting to connect a player to do friendly is already difficult, wanting to do few days in a row?
Do we not notice even ONE FRIENDLY MATCH in daily mission was removed?

I just don’t understand why that one friendly match was removed. Wasn’t easiest one sure, but wasn’t toughest for sure.
I see that collect rare DNA daily more difficult. For now it’s still doable even if many of us are already over 1900 required DNA. I’m concerned though that it will rise to 4000 - 5000 required DNA. How many players will be able to do it then?

% of fully active alliances will always be small. That’s cause many players are casuals that just don’t dedicate their time to a game. Many will just play few weeks, months until they find it easy and interesting. That’s why PoGo lost all grinding aspects, to maintain high numbers of players. Large % of players just walk away as soon as some effort is required. I believe thar Ludia wanted to achieve same thing with boosts, but unlocking hybrids still require a lot of effort. With much lower density of spawns and 90% of same dinos spawning most of the time really require dedication to unlock uniques. Also North America has much higher density of spawns and drops/stops than most of other world, except some other big countries and cities, cause both companies are from there.

My partner and I are in the same alliance and if we see that goal is holding things up we will do some friendlies; there are a few other pairings in the alliance. That goal doesn’t appear to hold us back and would definitely be done if it made another ranking achievable (with a decent reward). Daily battles are rarely an issue as we have some very keen battlers - my partner and myself included.

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The “Friendly match” was removed simply because too many complaints that they cannot even get one friendly match to get the reward…if that ONE FRIENDLY match is so difficult, imagine how many friendlies we need to do Defense rank 5, why was it not removed or adjusted?