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Yes, i agree if u can your partner in same alliance, doing friendly between your 2 accounts is easy, as u CONTROL your own time.
Do u do regular friendly with your alliance members? If u do how “motivated” you are by having all the connection issues, having to reload to see chat updates, then after 2-3 battles u can’t see the “friend list” online at all…
I just don’t believe any player will do that week in week out…

Rarely do friendly battles with alliance members other than my partner; probably once a day someone on my friends list will challenge me - if I am free I will battle; don’t use the alliance chat much so not bother about how buggy it is.

We usually always do friendlies to get those coins in last two hours if needed.

As I said in my last post it’s all about dedication. Many people just looking for easy low effort games. Some people really don’t have time to play much, but none of these stays long with games like JWA.

When you want something, you will do it, no matter how much effort is needed. I’m sure most players are prepared to do friendlies half a day if needed for arena exclusive dinos that has great hybrids. Of course I’m talking about dedicated players.

Let’s hope some TOP TOP alliance can come here to share their view, how they get their players to battle continuously everyday…
If they can get 5-5 without much problems.
Love to hear that…

I don’t think we’ll get a straight answer until a better reward is available. Like Imre said it’s likely you need to be at rank 4 with at least 4 days remaining. From there it’s 50 battles each a day. Even the most active alliances it’s unlikely especially with current state of arena that many battle that often. I think if irritator was the reward the top top alliances would just go all out, but I think eventually people would burn out. 50 battles at around 3 minutes roughly is 2.5 hours just battling a day. A hard commitment for most during a work week. I think battles would need to be adjusted for alliances to consistently hit that 4K mark.

I have been in both these alliances. Both great alliances. The one I am in now is much faster completing the exploration missions, probably the fastest here, but it is not because of more active members it is a great strategy employed to complete exploration fast even with lower active members. But at the end if the day both get 5 and 4. Only thing we have left to play for this week is an attempt at getting rank 5 defence. I dont think it should be as hard as it is. 20 battles a day and 10 incubators is not hard. Yesterday I did 250 friendlies between 3 accounts just to help vet as much as possible. Even with that we barly got to 20 battles per person average.

If only could combine 50 people from these 2 alliances. Both mission would be complete by the weekend easy. All about motivation and active.


We were at rank 3 defense 24 hrs after mission started. We get there same time as rank 4 exploration so all incubators count for both missions. So 6 days for 6000 battles is still 20 per day average.


We’ve already done the 5-5.

But there is absolutely 0 incentive to do so. As long as they don’t put real reward for it it’s just not worth it. And we’re talking about something ridiculously harder to do than the other tier 5. And yet the rewards are meh. Ludia’s balancing as its finest :ok_hand:

They never got how many battles is a right amount. With missions battles was ridiculously high at first (like 30 in a given day for 100 dna? Seriously? In a 30 min play? :joy:) and now it’s still the boring one with the matchmaking (12 battles? Hope there are some tower strike around to escape the matchmaking…)


hi, are u from Apex? And your alliance is already 5-5? That’s amazing.
How do u guys team up to do Defense? with that 4000 battles and 2000 incubators.
No players pay anything?
Do u guys pair up to play friendly? How do u do that?
Can u share?

Yes i believe that will be the case even the final reward would be additional 100 Irritator. (by then irritator may be useless too).
It is ridiculous to expect players to put all their time into a phone game and requires the other 49 “unknown friend” to do the same.
People has their life, Ludia need to understand this, it shd be challenging but not burning our players week in week out, the end result will be same…PLAYERS JUST GIVE UP.


I honestly think the quests are asking too much at this point.

Whether you want to admit it or not, 1.7 did drop most peoples interest level in JWA by different degrees. Some by a tiny bit, others by 110%.

I honestly think 1.7 was the most harmful patch to this game thus far.

Even the explorer quest has problematic requirments, like firing 12 trillion darts, thats just silly imo.


Join my alliance i assure u 4-3 in 24hrs from mission, problem is the defense not exploration, that can be done with some hard players, no need all.
15-20 good players can get exploration to rank 5 rather easily, if defense is rubbish and can be ignored.

We’ve already done the 5-5.

I believe what u meant was u guys had done 5-5 before which i totally believe.
That’s probably a lot of time n effort to get it perhaps…ONCE?
If the next reward is 500 irritator, no change in mission requirement, how motivated will u guys do for that 100 extra DNA?
So my question…imagine u are not Apex, just in a good alliance or even normal as what 95-99% out there, do u think u will get Defense 5 reward with current requirement? With all the rank 1-3 taking up most of the mission time that maybe left most better alliances with 2-3 days and not even a day for normal? Not to say those that cannot even reach rank 3 defense.

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We will get it this week, CT. But I’m not as worried about the battles as the incubators. 2000 is a LOT!

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And this is why you, as a Leader, need to be able to see alliance member contribution.

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We did indeed make 4-3 by the end of the day; I noticed we only needed 6 friendly battles to complete defence 3 so put it on discord; I did 4 and someone else must have done the other 2 because that was enough to roll it over.

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Great suggestion, you should totaly make a new post for this! :grin:


There are already too many :man_facepalming:t3::joy::man_facepalming:t3:


I hope i can, have been waiting too long with all leaders in alliances.

So how many alliances do we know that can get 5/5 on a weekly basis?

My alliance is a 5/4. We can do 4/3 within 2 full days leaving 5 days to do 5/4. But we normally only do about 500 battles per day. Getting 5/5 would therefor require us to do another 3500 battles per week. We would need to do another 600 or do battles per day to achieve this (and mostly not friendlies as we need the incubators as mentioned). 12 additional battles per player each day doesn’t sound like a lot but requires every player to do it every day. And as mentioned the incubators is likely the hardest bit.

No matter what the dna being offered? For the amount of dna you get it wouldn’t be worth it. It’s more for the kudos of being a 5/5 team. And that’s why I would like to know who is a 5/5 team so I can see how many alliances are ‘superior’ lol.

This will be our 5th straight week doing 5 and 5. We get to 4 and 3 in less then 22 hours then get to rank 4 defence 32 hrs later. This leaves us over 4.5 days. This week 4 days and 20 hours to finsih rank 5 defence this makes com pleting rank 5 defence very easy with that much time. No one has to pay to speed up incubators. Just really need to push the first 48 hours and the rest of the week is east.

We aim for 1000 battles a day. A little more in the first to days. But as a general guideline we aim for 1000 battles and 500 incubators a day. We are usually done with over a day to spare. Which allows os to start saving incubators and daiky incubators for the following week.

This week so far.

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