5/4 alliance is still looking for 2 awesome and active players! 🧐

Hi all,

Chaos Theory X is looking for 2 more players to join us and be part of our awesome community :grin: Basic requirements are being active daily, at least 4k trophies, motivated and also use the Line App.
We get 5/4 for alliance incubators every week and have a great group of people that all enjoy working together to help each other grow stronger, and most of all we try our best to enjoy the game and have fun while competing :slight_smile:

Add me on the Line App, username: Pedrovisk8 , so we can chat a bit to see if we are a good match! Yes, the Line app is required as we use it to communicate and share different things such as donations and strategies, along with memes, fun talks and etc :joy::smile:

Hi there, I’m interested to join. Will be adding on Line app, need to download it first.

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@ArtemisWolf i’ll be waiting for your message on there :grin::+1:

@Pedrovisk Just added you on Line! The ID should be renalwq if I’m not wrong haha

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We are still looking for 2 new players to join us! :slight_smile: