5 / 4 Alliance looking for active players

Raptor Hunters has a 2 slots available for active players only. We also require you to join us on discord. We DO put alliance missions first. If interested, please contact me on discord: cakemom13#2854. Thank you!

Spots still available.

I can’t find you on Discord…

It is: cakemom13#2854

Or you are welcome to give me yours and I will send you a friend request. Thank you


That’s the discord name - it’s just wayn0ka in the game

Discord request sent.

Hello, i’m interested, sent you an invite on discord

Still seeking 1 active player. Discord is a requirement, we do have rules that are easy to follow. We are looking for a TEAM player. If interested, please contact me on discord. I would be happy to discuss it further.
cakemom13#2854. Thank you