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5/4 alliance looking for actives

‘The Grown Ups’ currently have a few spots going in our alliance. A few months ago, I was just a member of an average alliance hitting 4/3 if lucky. Our leader left, giving me leadership.
Since then, we have introduced discord, tactics and I have monitored activity, giving me a chance to have a good clear out of inactives. We are now hitting 5/4 and would love to improve on the defense side! Considering only about 3/4s of our alliance is active, it’s not a bad effort! Daily battle incubators are the main thing slowing us down due to the presence of inactives. Hopefully by swapping out the last of the them for people that do a fair share, we can better ourselves. We currently have a few spaces free, with more to follow.
Over level 15 preferable (although we can give a bit of leeway if active enough) and must be willing to join discord, as this is where we talk tactics and chat.
We are a driven alliance but we do not have unrealistic expectations. Above all, we have a good laugh! If you want to join please give me a message, of if you have any questions!

2 filled, some spaces still free!