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5/4 alliance recruiting! 10+ spaces

‘The Grown Ups’ are recruiting! About half of our alliance is very active and manage to hit 5/4. The other half, is not so active and seem to barely contribute. So we are looking to replace them with more active members to take a bit of the pressure off us and also in the hope to achieve 5/5 in the future. Which should be possible seems though we achieve 5/4 with just over half a team.

Must be active daily, complete DBIs and daily missions. (We are reasonable people so if you are busy the odd day then we will understand) and also must join our discord group, as this is how we communicate. Level 15 or above preferable. But all will be considered.

Now all the boring bits aside… we have a good bunch from all over the world and enjoy a laugh! Would be nice to have some fresh faces in and to see if we can better the alliance. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.


A couple filled… Spaces still available though! :slight_smile:

I’ve requested, am active premium trying to push trophies.

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I can’t see your request? Can you try again, or let me know your # so I can send an invite :slight_smile:

Hi, me and my husband are part of an alliance rn and we reach 5/4 in alliance . we try and push for 5/5 but barely miss it . They’re a pretty good alliance but are having difficulties when it comes to sanctuary organization. We would like to join an alliance that has some organization when it comes to sanctuaries , was wondering how your alliance does when it comes to that =)

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Messaged you :slight_smile:

Still space available? Want to change to a more communicatve alliance to level up high sanctuaries. I,m very active

Filled a few more spaces… More spaces available as a result of another clear out :slight_smile:

Hey, you kicked me after 3 days of my phone being broken and I was in the alliance from day 1.

I did tell everyone on discord that you have been in the alliance for a while so was a bit reluctant to boot you (not sure about from the start as I didn’t start the Alliance. I just joined it and then Nicole ending up giving the alliance to me as she didn’t want to play anymore), which is why I have been able to cut you some slack and booted Alot of others before you, but it puts me in a very awkward position when people in the alliance are giving me lists on discord of people they believe to not be active enough, And your name did come up on all along with others, it wasn’t just you. So it’s not just about the 3 days thing… Without monitoring tools it’s hard to tell who is playing. Hence why we introduced discord. Discord was a much to help with tactics as we weren’t getting anywhere before as it was to protect players as we all a screenshot our donations/Dbis etc. Which is how we know about the lack of activity from those not on discord. As hardly anyone not on discord is doing them.

We have made tactics to help with that on discord as it’s impossible to talk properly on the ingame chat. And none of it works if people aren’t in the same page. I have asked many of times for everyone to join, I know you said your too busy for it. Which is fair enough, But it’s making it very difficult explaining to new people that discord is ‘manditory’ when they can see that 15 people still haven’t joined. They see me making special exceptions for you then don’t join themselves. Yes it is sad to see some of the original members go, but I can only ignore it so long before daily players that work hard start to get annoyed by my unwillingness to swap people out. As at the end of the day, they are the ones having to do the extra work. I also admit myself that I don’t seem to see as much from you over the past few months, hence why I couldn’t argue it.

So it isn’t me being completely heartless. Leader comes with responsibilities and making hard decisions sometimes. This was unfortunately one of them. Im doomed if it do, and doomed if I don’t in this case. So I can’t win either way in this case.

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I can understand your position as someone who has been given the role of a leader, but I hope you can see how it makes me feel to just be booted out without a warning, and after playing the game for such a long time with who I thought were adults who, I have been told as much, could understand that I have a brand new job and a family situation that makes it so I cannot join Discord at this moment.

It’s for the best that I not keep the company of those who cannot grasp the idea of a mobile game not taking priority to having a life with serious issues and just keeping it a lightweight fun.

I am in no way naming you, Chonie. Please believe me, I always found you nice. I am just venting in general.

I find it all very uncool and juvenile from the alliance, but, again, I understand you personally.

The members of this unfamiliar alliance believe winning is the most important thing. So be it. I can understand and I wish you all the best and hope you win at all the mobile phone games in which one catches make believe dinosaurs, regardless of making a real person feel bad.

This is a statement that has me curious and I hear it from many other folks also. Users do not want to join Discord, can’t join discord or refuse to join Discord. Is there some aspect of Discord I am missing?

It is just an app used for communicating. It does not automatically connect the user to the dreaded dark web or open a mysterious portal that hackers can access all your information. You only need the one portal installed, no others mysteriously connect to you. Less intrusive than Twitter, FB or any number of other apps folks use. It is about 80 MB on my phone, much less storage than games, Google, Chrome, Gmail and many others.

Can anyone enlighten me to the adversity of some users to installing and using Discord?


@chonie939 is a great leader of a lovely and lively Alliance. Soft at heart, I can assure all. She has given many ample time to join discord. Unfortunately, her call went unanswered. Hence, the hard decision has to be made.

A good and strong leader has to make many not so popular decisions. But for the good of the team in general it has to be made.

I have been in few Alliances so far. I left on my own choice - to seek new challenges and experiences and meet new friends along the way…:blush:… One of those alliances boot members every week - due to inactivity. And they keep going strong day by day.

So, I believe it is not hard to find new players joining a strong 5/4 Alliance. The challenge is to keep the existing MVPs in the Alliance happy to stay.

Keep up the good work @chonie939. To potential new members, you’re most welcome to join a great Alliance…:+1:


Me and my wife are looking for an alliance. I just left our last one due to people not being active. Between me and her we were doing 75% of the incubator rank ups. But we cant make up for daily battle incubators.