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5/4 alliance recruiting active and passionate players

Roar of 1000 Dragons is International alliance, we are getting 5/4 with just 40 active players, and we are looking for more. Requirements are: be active (like 200 darts and 10 battles everyday), be lvl 10+, join our discord (or at least pay attention to chat).

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Hello, my wife and I just requested membership in your alliance. We play regularly and accomplish all daily missions and events. Hope to see you soon.

Hey I’ve been looking for a group that uses discord do you still have openings? The in game chat is so broken…I am on discord daily as I am a leader on another game I play and that is our main communication. Feel free to @AllenHarrison#4896 on discord to see if it is possible for me to join your server.

@ELMNCHA any more slots still open? My current alliance just isn’t very active.