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5/4 alliance recruiting!

Hello everyone! As you can see I’m looking for 6 new members! (5/4 alliance)

I removed inactive players who didn’t help my team on the alliance missions. We easilly get rank 5 and 4 every week, and we would love to reach rank 5 on defense. :boxing_glove:

I’m looking for members who love to battle and actually open as much incubs as possible. We use a friendly battle system to get fast and easy battles so you don’t have to lose points.

We don’t have rules, only don’t request what’s already requested! I also don’t care about points and level, as long as you’re active there wont be a problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Discord is a must, in that way we can easy communicate and I can track the activity of my members. We are all very friendly!

If interested, or you want more information, please send me a PM or a message on Discord: 3ljanne666#4161 (I don’t accept in-game invites)

I hope to see some new faces soon! :smile: