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5/4 Alliance recruiting

Hello everyone,

I am recruiting players for an active, structured and strategic Rank 5/4 alliance, Raptor hunters. You must be able to complete your personal daily mission rewards, as well as receive your daily battle incubator. We are looking for players willing to work with the rest of our Alliance members and help adhere to our Alliance guidelines. Only team players are welcomed! We do most corresponding on discord, so yes, it is mandatory. If you are interested, please contact me on Discord: cakemom13#2854. I would like to go over some of our guidelines before adding in game to make sure our Alliance is a good fit for you.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Sent you a request on discord

I sent a request. Nall0319

Hi Kristi, have just sent you an invite on discord. Thanks

Hi Kristi, I sent you a discord invite

Currently looking for active team players who are not afraid to lose trophies in the arena, :laughing:… We need players who will get their incubators to open from battling in the Arena. If interested, please contact me on discord: cakemom#2854
Thank you!

Looking for a super excited and organized alliance !!
Join Raptor Hunters

We have consistently been a 5/4 alliance and aiming to better ourselves.

Condition : Join discord, Play the game and work for alliance progress

We do not remove inactive players until we “chat” first on discord. Please contact cakemom13#2854 if interested. :grinning:

Hey sent request on discord I’m bunnykingrob… I am active every day and want to find an alliance that is also very active…

It’s been a while but we are currently seeking active players again. If interested, please contact me on discord: cakemom13#2854.
Thank you

Looking for 4 players.

Still searching for active team players. If interested, please contact me on discord: cakemom13#2854. :grin: