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5-4 alliance searching new members

We from Internationaldinos are currently recruiting as we try ti replace our inactive members.

We can offer you:

  • rank 5 exploration and rank 4 defense weekly
  • high level sanctuaries with our shared sanctuary plan. This is still an work in progress as this is just our first week with this result.

We search for members that:

  • they cooperate with our alliance mission and sanctuary plan.
  • they join our discord
  • they play daily. Especially battling daily

If interested please send me an pm on discord. My name there is

We will also be willing to merge with an small allience as we will have about 10+ spots to fill after we have removed the inactives

Some spots have been filled but still searching for more. Let me know if interested

Update 4 december:

Hey we just had a few members removed. We are now searching for 5 new members.