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5/4 alliance who’s created a fun international community


Come join Michigan Monsters. While the name is American, we’re mostly Europeans (Germany, U.K., Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands) and Americans in Texas and Cali, with 2 brothers from S. Africa.

We are all ages and we play as a team. We’re very supportive and at the end of the day we have fun, in fact we’re in the middle of an alliance tournament that we’re playing among ourselves and a few friends from other alliances. We also consistently get 5/4 in the missions.

I have a space open as I’ve set a deadline for everyone to join the discord and there are just a few who have not so I’m removing them.

We do require Discord so private message me (in Discord) and we can go from there.


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I applied my name is rezroz or Jordan in game I’ll add you on discord after work


I’ll keep my eyes open on discord.


Sent you the request I’m rezroz