5/4 Jurassic Puffin - seeking dedicated players

We have lost a few, due to inactivity and the boost reset.
We need players who are active daily. We go in hard, and it’s a lot of fun.
None of us are worried about your level. We need sociable, active players who will chat on Discord.
DNA requests should stay in line with alliance goals to L5. Then we use Discord to be sure the sexy DNA requests are always filled.
If you want to have fun, play hard, and enjoy high level rewards - come and join us. Please!

Bumping this, because the world has changed - and so have Jurassic Puffin!
After teaming up with Nerds, and the ARK, we have learned a great deal about the strategy that makes allliances great. We have 2 L20 sanctuaries, which are shared with some great alliances, and we are reviewing our goals.
The current goal is 10/10. We aren’t too far away from that, but have lost a few players along the way. Accepting blind requests is too dangerous now, because the sanctuaries only work for us when the players respect how they are built.
We have a solid crew who set ‘Dino alarms’, and everyone gets an equal vote in choosing which creatures are available to admire!
What do we need? More darts, more battles, more chat, more personalities and more fun!
If you an interested in making a great thing better - please contact me here, or through the ARK on Discord.