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5/5 Alliance Looking for Active Member(s) - CLOSED as of 9/23/19

I apologize for a second post, but it will not let me edit or remove my previous recruitment post.

Greetings! As of September 22nd, Kelliance has a rare opening for one ACTIVE member for placement after reset tomorrow (9/23). Please do not feel intimidated by this group’s level - we accomplish this because we all work together!

About us: We are very active, very generous, very friendly, and very global. After many weeks of 5/5, I will say we are officially a 5/5 alliance. Maintaining this feat requires all hands on deck, so be prepared for a little effort! We’ve also recently partnered with 2 other alliances to build high level sanctuary together. We use Discord and Facebook for easier communication, and it will be required you join either/both and at least check in for mission and sanctuary strategy information. I’ve created an online form for members to log their DNA Requests & Donors in order to track that activity. We don’t look at quantities, just occurrences to know people are active and participating in both aspects (this is half broken until they fix the ability to see who donated to you). We welcome players of all levels and trophy counts, as we do not carry an elitist mentality. Teamwork makes the dream work, and we’re all in this together!

About you: Are you a daily player? Do you prefer darting or battling? Or do you just love it all (like me)? Do you like to socialize with your alliance partners? Anything else I might like to know? Drop me a DM, and let’s chat if you think you have what it takes to be a part of Kelliance! Cheers!

Note - I am attending an NFL game today (Sunday 9/22) and will likely take some time to respond to interest, but I will get back to any as soon as I can :slight_smile:

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Hello! I am getting ready (unfortunately) to leave my alliance as it is now full of inactive members. I am level 20, haven’t missed a daily incubator since I started in January, battle about 20x daily. Do friendlies, dart anywhere from 300-500 daily and am very social/will donate and request as needed. If this sounds like an acceptable level of help to your alliance please let me know! Thank you :slight_smile: