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5 best creatures in every rarity (my opinion)

5 apatosaurus
4 triceratops gen2
3 Tarbosaurus
2 allosaurus
1 eupochehalus (I can’t spell it XD)
5 Gorgosaurus
4 Spinosaurus
3 amargosaurus
2 dilophosaurus
1 suchotator
5 ankylosaurus
4 indominus rex gen2
3 allosaurus gen2
2 sarcorixis
1 thylacotator
5 monomimus
4 monolometrodon
3 indominus rex
2 phosphora
1 alloraptor
5 magnapiritor
4 tenotrex
3 diorajasaur
2 trykosaurus
1 ardentismaxima
(what did you expect)

that’s all, remember this is just my opinion Id love to know what you think the best ones are.

I have no idea about commons

5 dracorex
4 elasmotherium
3 suchotator
2 purrolyth
1 marsupial lion

5 allosaurus g2
4 brontolasmus
3 indominus rex g2
2 sarcorixis
1 thylacotator

5 allosinosaurus
4 monolometrodon
3 ardontosaurus
2 alloraptor
1 phorusaura

5 tenontorex
4 mammolania
3 geminititan
2 trykosaurus
1 ardentismaxima

You might be surprised to see gemini and mammo on the list, while gemini isnt on the top teams, it actually counters most creatures as well, the reason it’s not on those team is because it does similar to maxima only not as good. For mammo it also counters most creatures, and it’s also on many top teams though not all of them

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I think monolometrodon is the best legendary. It can take a massive chunk out of max. It can kill tryko and every other legendary (except for alloraptor I think) it can kill tenontorex and gemini also. And on top of all that it kills all the super strong epics like thylaco and sarcorixis and Indom. Plus it’s super easy to create.


5. ankyloco
4. nasuto
3. ML
2. suchotator

  1. purrolyth

5. lasmus
4. indom gen 2
3. chops
2. rixis

  1. thyla


5 monostego
4. alloraptor
3. megalosuchus (could be swapped with alloraptor)
2. pho

  1. monolometrodon


5 mags
4. MRhino
3. dio
2. tryko

  1. maxima


  1. mortem rex

5 best arena creatures in every rarity (my opinion):

5. Dimetrodon Gen2
4. Tarbosaurus
3. Allosaurus
2. Velociraptor

  1. Dracorex Gen2

5. Dracorex
4. Elasmotherium
3. Marsupial Lion
2. Suchotator

  1. Purrolyth

5. Indominus Rex Gen2
4. Sarcorixis
3. Brontolasmus
2. Allosaurus Gen2

  1. Thylacotator

5. Mammotherium
4. Dracoceratops
3. Alloraptor
2. Monolometrodon

  1. Phorusaura

5. Monolorhino
4. Tenontorex
3. Diorajasaur
2. Trykosaurus

  1. Ardentismaxima

5 best raid creatures in every rarity (my opinion)

5. Allosaurus
4. Archaeotherium
3. Lythronax
2. Iguanodon

  1. Parasaurolophus

5. Elasmotherium
4. Entelodon
3. Wherosaurus
2. Tenontosaurus

  1. Irritator

5. Ouranosaurus
4. Edmontoguanodon
3. Indominus Rex Gen2
2. Allosaurus Gen2

  1. Brontolasmus

5. Tryostronix
4. Diloranosaurus
3. Tyrannolophosaur
2. Rajakylosaurus

  1. Bajatonodon

5. Trykosaurus
4. Diloracheirus
3. Diorajasaur
2. Tenontorex

  1. Tuoramoloch

How did maxi not make the unique raid list?

Max is a beast in arena but in raids it isn’t as good as the creatures I put

I could put it sixth but the tier goes up to the fifth

Hmm ok - imo would have put it over tryko bc that group move is super helpful esp if paired with a boosting creature like irri or tryo

Yeah sometimes max is more useful but I rate the creatures in general raids not in mortem raids cuz if I rated uniques in mortem raids dio would be one of the worst…

Ya I get that - but you can only use uniques in smilo or mortem rn so I still think maxi would edge tryko In both of those simply bc of the minions though stepping back and thinking about them on equal footing it’s closer than I originally thought

I rated the creatures in general raids, then also imaginative raids… if a raid boss is immune or resistant to damage decreasing you can’t use the maxima/thor+IndoG2/irri/tryo…

Commons: Trike gen 2, Velociraptor, Deinochirus, Eniosaurus, Euplo, Ophiacodon (the last 3 are close, so I did 6)
Rares: Marsupial Lion, Purrolyth, Suchotator, Nasutoceratops, Diplotator
Epics: Thylacotator, Sarcorixis, Entelochops, Indom gen 2, Woolly Rhino
Legendary: Phorasaura, Ardontosaurus, Monolometrodon, Carnotarkus, Alloraptor
Unique: Maxima, Tryko, Dio, Monolorhino, Magna

Anky is really bad. Even in raids. What is your reasoning behind this

Anky is a pretty epic tank in smilo raids.

I mean I guess, but why choose anky when amargoceph or brontolasmus are just better tanks

Both of those are great but anky has the instant group shield + the instant invincibility shields for everyone and superior vulnerability as the basic move let’s the higher lvl members do a lot more damage. Now in higher levels the 2 you mentioned would probably be best but for someone just unlocking it anky let’s them contribute the most at a low level. As a lot of it’s moves aren’t based off of stats

True true, but in the arena, anky stinks and in raids, it gets outshined and really isn’t necessary to begin with as you can do the sino raid with irritator and a couple indoms

the reason any was included on my list is because of how long it lasts, at least from my experience on my alt account it does extremely well.