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5* chance from hatchery


Forgive me if this is already an option, but I’d like to see a chance at 5* from the hatchery. Currently it appears 4* is the limit. Maybe there are more levels as we go. If not it should be a chance to reward the grinders. They are already available in breedery much earlier in game, so it wouldn’t be game breaking. This would especially help f2p players late in game, I really dont see any downside


It is ^-^. Hatchery Level 3 unlocks Epic Breeding. This can be obtained once you get to level 23. The name is regarding which dragons you can use for breeding, not which dragons can be obtained from breeding. To breed a 5* dragon, you will need to breed a minimum of 2 4*. The other possible combinations include 1 4* and 1 5* and 2 x 5*. Be warned that breeding does take a long time with these combinations, and the chances of obtaining a 5* are slim.


@LightFury do you know what the % chances are of getting a 5* or 4* dragon when breeding 2 4*?
If there is no way of knowing, I think drop rate information would be a great addition to the breedery. @Marcus

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I’m talking about hatching eggs, not breeding

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My apologies, I missed “hatchery” on my skim read. To answer your actual question, the limit is hatching Epic dragons as far as I’m aware. Sorry.


Currently, these rates are unknown to the community, but I’d assume it would be similar to the premium drafts.


Wait. I’m really sorry. It seems it is possible and can be unlocked after Epic breeding is unlocked. I’m not sure what level is required though. Hope that helps somewhat?


That is good news if you can!


yes you can breed 5* dragon
here’s my first


Wow you’re very lucky, i’ve been trying for weeks to get a 4* but all i get are 2*.
What are the abilities of that 5* hybrid?


Is this true? I thought we can breed 5* if we already unlock lvl 5 breedery


To get 5* you have to breed two 4* together. If you are only getting 2* you aren’t you can’t be breeding two 4s together.


You can breed 5* if you have a level 3 breedery, as in you can get a 5* as a result of breeding, but you can’t use a 5* for breeding.


Actually, you can. Breeding 2 4* can give dragons from 2* to 5*.

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lucky you!