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5 days till tourney end. <190 ppl in arena 9. Why?

Are folks just not motivated to climb? No one wants alanqa? Arena is a crab basket?

Any thoughts?

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I battle only when I have an incubator slot open because I’m really scared of level 30 stegodeous :joy::joy::joy:


I know my luck. I am not partaking in any more battles until the Tournaments’ end. I am sitting at 30 medals above the minimum for a payout.

No one wants to risk their spots when they know they are unlikely to climb further. That’s my issue with this tournament. The strong get stronger and kills the competition aspect.

I know I am not getting to 4750 before the end for the next level of payout, so why risk it?


Ah well I’m at 4650, I’ll try for 4750 but if I get too close to 4500 again I’ll stop… got a 24 hr waiting in the wings for Sunday :slight_smile:


Best guess is people are either sitting tight where they are, and only battling for incubators, or waiting til the final days/hours.
My personal experience, though, tells me we’re all just beatin the everliving tar out of each other, making it hard to break even wherever you’re at.

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It’s rough battling in that arena. I dropped about 20 ranks last night because i was like a critical hit sponge. Just taking them left and right.

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I got to rank 400 started dreaming of new Arenas. Then lvl 28 Stegods and lvl 25 Indoraptors reminded me my team not all that. Quickly out of ranking and middle of 8 again. :smile:

Maybe too few have the teams.


This is an issue. High rank rewards should be cosmetic.

As for me, i might be done till monday. This is probably good enough to finish top 500, and, as you said, why risk it?


I simply have not been fortunate enough to obtain high rolls in DNA for Top 500 material, or I would be right up there too. I agree that prizes should be cosmetic. The rift is only going to widen between Top and Bottom. It’s the U.S. economy in a virtual setting lol.

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The topmost arena ‘Aviary’ rewards practically useless DNA (until the birds get some buff)!
Even in Lockwood, only Erliko is good. Nodosaurus and Deinocherius are easily available in the wild. While compared to lower arenas: Sinoceratops, T-Rex etc… there is no actual motivation to be in these arenas.

The rewards for Rank 11 to Rank 250 are same other than worthless Brachio DNA. Due to this, I guess people like me are contempt staying within Top 250 and don’t care (making in top 10 is kinda impossible anyways). Most of us battle only to fill up incubators.


I’m just not battling because the anxiety of waiting too long for a match up while worrying I will get paired with teams of Uniques without good dinos in my deck, losing as a result of it and then having to repeat the cycle who knows how many times for how long is simply too much and not worth it for me at this point.


I’m sitting pretty at 4826 (rank 345)! I’m not risking loosing my spot and having to claw my way back up.

Did that once, I was sitting at rank 310 and was knocked out of the top 500… it took another 5 days to get back up.

Learned my lesson… not again :slight_smile:

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I’m perpetually floating between top 30 and top 130, so climbing is coming in tiny increments.

Win 20 battles - gain 700 trophies.
Lose 20 battles - lose 660 trophies.

Net result is only 40 trophy gain… :slight_smile: Hard to move up at 40 trophies for every 40 battles.

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In 345th place probably won’t do it. I was 420th the night before Tournament 1 ended. Was 440th in the morning, 4 hours before the end. Ended up 496th.

Yikes, thats rough. Good luck finishing as high as possible!!

Just checked an old post. I was 350th with 18 hours to go. Ended up 496th.

Unless they change the rewards table after tournament ends like they did last time :joy:

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I’m just wondering which dino will get loose and wreck havoc this time

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I’m in the same boat…
Sat at 4772 for about 2 days without battling and saw my rank go from 400 to 424 without doing anything.

Caved today and played one battle (super nervous cuz losing this would’ve dropped me below 4750) but luckily/skillfully I won and now I’m at 4799.

Rank wavers between 380-385.
Even if more people climb up, I’m hoping I can stay at this trophy count for the next few days until the tournament ends and still be in the top 500.

Doing it more for the coins and cash than for the mystery epic incubator.


Are you not gonna battle at all? :cold_sweat: