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5 dinosaur from jw:tg

What do you think?

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We can be sure that most if not all dinosaurs from jw tg are gonna be transferred to jwa. But i want bonitasaura, shunosaurus and supersaurus to be added since we need more apatosaurus like sauropods


I’m fairly certain that in the eons ahead of us, we’ll get all they have added to JWA. We got some creatures before they did as well so it works both ways.


Yes i absolutely agree . They added almost every cenozoic from jwtg and almost every dinosaur too. However I’m not sure if we gonna see all hybrids since for example both ankys , nundasuchus and Tuojangosaurus have two hybrids so i have no idea if we actually get ankylodocus and nundagosaurus but this argument can be thrown away since nodopatosaurus has 3 hybrids

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