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5 Flock and 3 Scorpius Team 🐤 🐉

I finished getting all 5 flocks and put them on a team with my 3 scorpius’s.


My first battle, I got all 3 Compy’s and the Dodo’s. I actually won against a boosted n speeded Monometrodon, an Indominus Rex and they pulled a rat on me. I used all 4 flocks so my opponent got to play my whole team of 12, 14 if you include the resurrected ones.

That was fun.


Very nice. Are the compys your area spawn because you’ve got lvl 21 compy g2? Same with dodo

I don’t get the compy gen 2’s till next month. I did the events and ride into the zones that had them the last two months. I’m considering giving them a couple attack boosts.

Most be incredibly long games though…
But definitively interesting!

OMG I am so jealous! :heart_eyes:
Wouldn’t like to face off against that…

I got the rare and unique Compy, the legendry and unique Scorpius.
I was pitted against 137 & 138 speed 22 Indorapter and 20 Indoraptor Gen 2, 19 Dodocevia’s and 19 Ankyntrosaurus tank and won by the skin of my teeth. It took a lot of swapping and it was a long battle. I thought I would lose seeing the speed of the Indo’s but swapped in with a Scorpius on both to be faster and dodge the boosted blows. I used both my flocks twice. I have no boosts on any of my team here so it was definitely a skill match.