5 ideas and a dream

Hello! Going to write down all my suggestions in one post but if you feel like I should create any of them individually then let me know.

Suggestion 1: Would like a way to recycle/discard the excessive dinosaurs. Now in the game in order to sell the Dino you have first hatch it which takes up time and those valuable hatchery slots. I feel like there should be an option to sell your extra Dino’s for purple dna (I’ll leave the dna amount to the devs) but I feel it should vary dependent on rarity.

Suggestion 2. Aquatic and Cenozoic maps. Would very much like to see an expansion in this game that adds an open map as well as unique buildings and enclosures for the Aquatic and Cenozoic creatures. The slider bar is alright but a little unwieldy when trying to find your dinosaurs.

Suggestion 3. B-dna and Bosses. I firmly believe there needs to be more or a different way to earn substantial boss dna. Wether that is to add more requirement tasks and or change the amount you get from the “mini b-dna tasks” which by the way are unfair some weeks as they require luck rather than consistent play. Tasks such as hatch 4 legendaries then fuse 2 are a little excessive in my mind and I usually play every day.
The addition of more Bosses! Though I feel this is already underway I would still like to suggest the addition of bosses for the Aquatic and Cenozoic species! What they will be I will leave that to you.

Suggestion 4. Giganotosaurs Gen 2. In light of the recent cinema film and in order not to mess with the Dino’s already affected and in place I would suggest a gen 2 of this Dino with an updated appearance to match that In the cinema film as well as an increase in its rarity to legendary.

Suggestion 5. Friends. We absolutely need the ability to make friends in this game! A friend list with an option to visit each other’s parks, face them in duels, and give gifts wether it be resources or straight up purchasing them a dinosaur! I feel this will greatly add to the longevity of this game. Adding an in-game chat should also be incorporated into this addition.

If any of these ideas/suggestions are already in development or have been pitched before but have been turned down then please let me know!


I agree with everything but not suggestion 5. It is JWTG for dinosaurs, not for monsters/Godzilla. Otherwise it would have to be in a separate game like (just making up this name) Godzilla and Monsters The Game. (GMTG) idk… (and also aren’t you thoughtful raptor? Or another person? If you are not, then sorry and welcome!)

Nope I am a new guy to the forums. And yea makes sense…that’s why I labeled number 5 as outlandish :joy:. You are probably right and so I will probably replace suggestion 5 with a more reasonable one​:grin:

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Oh, sorry :sweat_smile:. Yeah i like the friends idea!

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