5% is not 5%

during the common tourney, my allosaurus and tarbo never crit. opponents’ 5% crit dinos crit all the way down… geez…


I feel like Thor has a 100% crits chance and all stuns are 100%for stun related creatures.

I’ve felt that in past tournaments, but not in this one. Tarbos crit as much as Thor in my battles (mine and my opponent’s)… Lost a match against a Tarbo that got three crits in a row…

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Tarbo and Thor both have 40% crit chance.

bad, crits not from mine…

It doesn’t feel like 40% when they take your whole team out with crits.

That’s why I compared them

I was thinking about posting in suggestions that there should be no crits in the skill tournaments. I think that would be more representative of skill

It was crit fest today in tournament. Saw back to back Miragaia, Stego crits. Also my Scolosaurus critted on Rampage after vulnerability strike for 4500 damage. Tarbo and Allo critted almost regularly either for me or my opponent.