5 levels later, and I'm stuck again, Battle 16.. Please help

Here’s what they got…
Screenshot_20220707-174216_Jurassic World

Here’s what I got…

The others are lv 1s

please help… again… :pray::pray::pray:

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Firstly feed your rare carnivores, they will help a lot.
Once you get ophiacodon to lvl 10 use him as the first dino. Then use alanqua.
Secondly get trike to lvl 40
Thirdly get your amphibians to lvl 20 or 30 if you have enough recourses. Then use your strongest one last.

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Hi again!
This time:
Go for a herbivore with at least 68 health
First turn block with your 1st creature. If the opponent switches and attacks, keep blocking. If they don’t then go for reserve. Attack 3 with Alanqa and kill the Guanlong. Then the opponent will switch to the hybrid (not even going to try to spell that). Hopefully, you’ll have one extra and block. The hybrid can kill you in two. After that keep blocking with Alanqa until your opponent has a chance to kill you. Then go for as many reserves as possible. After that attack with your Tricera to kill the rest of the opponents.
If the opponent doesn’t switch just keep blocking until it can kill you. Then reserve.
Good luck and have fun!


Ok, so thank you but I am confused…

Can you retype that like this please?? Hope I am not too irritating…
1st (Enemy):

I dont have enough recources sorry but thanks for helping…

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I’ve been looking everywhere. Does anyone know if you can unlock the feature dinosaur in the sauria pass?

No, you just get 1 copy.

Heres what it wants you to do; it wants u to place herbivore, pterosaur then amphibian. Dont do that. When the alanqa cools down, place him against the pterosaur, then herbivore and carnivore. Thats how i beat this, sorry if ir doesnt help

Sorry. I did realize it was confusing.
1st: Block
1st (E): Swap to Guanlong and attack or block
2nd: If E attacked then 2 block. If not then all reserve
2nd (E): 2 attack
3rd: Alanqa comes in Attack 3, Block 1, Reserve 1
3rd (E): Swap to the hybrid and either attack 2 or a mixture of block and reserve
4th: If E didn’t attack any, then reserve. If he attacked then block all.
After that keep blocking until he could have an extra 2 reserve. Then come in and kill with Triceratops.
E is enemy
Hope this helps better. Sorry for the confusion :confused:.

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I finally won! TYSM wouldnt have thought of that ever! Took a day but it worked