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5 minute (regular) scent instead of 20 minute (regular) scent

So I’ve found that a few seconds after popping a scent the first dino spawns from it. Then the next dinos all spawn about every 2 minutes. This means with the 5 minute scent you get 3 spawns but the 20 minute scent you get 9. I’d rather pop four 5 minute scents and get 12 spawns instead of 9.

Is there some other benefit to using the 20 minute scent?

You get 10 from the 20min capsule. One when you start it, then at 18min, 16, 14, 12, and so on.


The added convenience of not having to get the your scent has ran out pop up every 5 minutes.but in reality the large scent is a strike reward not something you buy in the shop. The rare and epic scents supposedly have better spawns but that debatable.

I think I’d much rather 3 5 minute scents than 1 20 min as I find I waste too much of the 20.

When running a 20 I often stop to hunt other things I want which seems to waste spawn from the scent.

Plus due to time constraints I often want to do strike towers. A 5 minute scent between towers works nicely.

With 5 minute scents i often get 5 spawns in total.

1 immediately upon opening, then 2 after two minutes, then another 2 after two minutes. The only times I really get 1 spawn each time is if I open it at home and sit there for the 5 minutes.

The same goes for the large 20 minute one I opened recently, with the exception of the first spawn I generally get 2 spawns every 2 minutes. But i’m always walking around the park when I open them.