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5 of 6 new hybrids require arena exclusive dinos

As said in title, 5 of 6 new hybrids require arena exclusive creatures.

Purussaurus for Purutaurus
Baryonyx gen2 for Spinonyx and Erlikospyx
Arambourgiania for Koolabourgiania and Geminititan. The last one requires also Diplodocus.

So bring your money, buy cash and open incubators. That’s what Ludia literally says. I doubt that any of these creatures will be featured or realised to the wild.


I hope that Ludia will reconsider either putting them on rotation in the wild as well as event dinos such as we have seen for Irritator.


Let’s wait for the update. It gonna change everything and maybe some of those dinos will be easier to get.


Who knows? I guess it will.

I mean I’ve been playing this game almost for a year almost every day. But I don’t have enough bary2 even to create Erlikospyx. May be I’m lucky with fuses and I create it, but there’s no point when the rest of my team is 29-30.

So it means that new uniques are only for donators. Opening incubators without cash for a year is not enough.

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I know what you mean I played too the game since the day of release. But where is the fun if you can istantly create all new hybrids, it’s always nice to have some new project to work on. I really hipe that these daily migrations comprehend also arena or tournament exclusive dinos.


But what’s the fun playing for a year, collectting dna and not being even close to add new hybrids to your team? It’s not new goal to go and hunt some specific dino, but it’s hybrids only for those who donate really much.

And regular players can do nothing to accelerate their progress to level up new hybrids high enough to use.


They’ve been doing this for a while, though. Whatever dinosaur people haven’t been focused on collecting will be the next big hybrid.

In fact, they did this with Darwino last update. Really difficult to get, so they made 3 hybrids requiring DNA from it. As a collector, it’s becoming more apparent that I’ll never be able to complete the game in the way I was hoping.


There’s a migration coming. We don’t know if some of those will spawn in the wild. Specifically at L4, which is currently the worst local.

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they also gave us a darwin event when the released pterovexus and stygidaryx… along with limitless 70 incubator

i would expect both this time around too

I’ve been playing since June, I’m VIP, I’ve spent some money on the game, I have tons of DNA from almost all of us … but I have neither diplodocus nor arambourgiana to create one of the uniques nor do I have baryonix gen 2, neither spun gen 2, nor Erliko gen2 to create the other new unique !! none of the three !! bravo !!! more than 150,000 DNA from more than 10 common, more than 25,000 DNA from almost all rares, more than 5,000 DNA if all the epic, all obtained in thousands of hours of hunting … for what? to throw directly into the trash.

It seemed almost impossible to overcome the nauseating new dinos of version 1.6 … but they have succeeded!


We could expect this, thought. They want to prevent people from creating and levelling one unique in the first day after releasing the new version.

I didn’t expect to have DNA to create a fresh new unique in the first week. There will be events featuring the new components, so we can go out and collect their DNA. Some of them will be unreachable. But that’s fine, we have to see if they are worth creating first.
You may not want most of them, because they have no place in the meta.

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Okay, but then, what do I do with the 160,000 suchomimus, with the 155,000 majunda, with the 144,000 monolopho gene 2, with the 190,000 dimorphodones, with the 46,000 tupandactylus, with the 39,000 wheros, with the 45,000 deltas, with the 135,000 dimetrodon gene 2 , with the 6500 brachios, with the 9000 secondos, with the 9900 concavenators, etc? So all those hours and hours wasted hunting?


It could be ok if only one or two depended on arena exclusive dna. But 5 of 6 unreachable without special events is too much.

This patch is too pay-to-win oriented


Well u saw what they did with scolosaurus so i mean they probably think they are being very nice giving us something as easy to get as arena exclusives

Considering that almost all top players have a full lvl 30 team, they probably don’t get money from coins anymore, thats why they decided to go full p2w this update.
Just look at the stat boosters, they are completely p2w and will 100% ruin the game.


We couldn’t expect that every dinosaur gets a hybrid. At least not in one update… maybe in the next 10 updates every dinosaur gets a hybrid. I don’t know.

Until 1.6:

  • Every update brought new dinosaurs.
  • A bunch of new hybrids were introduced.
  • New dinosaurs were part of new hybrids together with old ingredients.

In 1.7:

  • New ingredients were introduced (not dinosaurs, this time)
  • A bunch of new hybrids were introduced.
  • Only old ingredients were used for new hybrids.

So, we were lucky that none of the new hybrids are using the new mammalian ingredients.

Other than that, I don’t know what else to say. Keep your expectations to a reasonable level. High expectations with Ludia = huge disappointment.

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I only open like 3 3hr incubators and 1 8 hr each day, I’m level 14 and have 3500 arambourgania, 6000 proceratosaurus and 4000 purrusaurus, level 20 players obviously have a lot more


That gets me also. We hunt all the local dino, maxed out DNA and no reason to use it. I stocked up with all the abundant local spawns to have something to dart. I would hope they would give us a reason to even dart them, besides just DNA count on missions. When missions are completed for the week, there is almost nothing I have to throw a dart at. They are all at level 20 with max storage. Besides event Dino, I have almost nothing to even throw a dart at, Common or Rare. If not for strike events and to throw a few darts for daily mission, I would have no reason to even open the game. I do realize that avid players are not in the majority, some people do not have the time or ambition to play that much.

I can see making hybrids with new Dino, but can’t they use at lease SOME of what we have all been darting for a year now? Hey, I would be happy to dump 2k per fuse of any of the abundant locals, just to give me a reason to go out and dart more of them. Or cross hybrid local hybrids like Diplotator and Majunga. Einia with Suchotator. I am sure even casual players would like to have a reason to go out and throw darts at a dino they see constantly all day long.

And yes, they are going to raise the storage limits in 1.7, but for what? Is it going to make any difference if I have 200k or 250k of Majunda, if it is never going to have a use? Speaking of that, they raised the storage limit on Unique to 4,000. You only need 250 to create it and 3,000 to get it to level 30, why would you possibly ever need more than that?


No surprise at all, you wouldn’t think Ludia gave out Hybrids for free, would you :wink: