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5 spots open for active players


We from “InternationalDinos” are seaching for active players to join our alliance right now we are on pace to just make rank 5 on exploring or just miss out on it because of rare dna mission and make rank 4 on defense.

We have 5 spots open for active members that play daily and have an discord app for those that want in. If this sounds for an alliance for you than we hope to see you soon.


Well, I think I’m looking for an active alliance, bcuz my official ona is getting smaller and less active


We will be happy to have you joining us. We keep track of activity and aim to improve the amount of active members every week


I have just sent you a join request. I am a daily player who would love to be a member of an active alliance.


Still have room? My alliance is just not doing anything anymore- I’m a daily player motivated by challenges. Thanks


We still have room and are happy to have you


So, what are the requirements?


Be active is the biggest requirement but it is also recommended to have discord. Because we use this as our chat


By saying ‘be active’ what exactly you mean?


By active I mean that you will both give and ask dna and that you play at least 6 days in the week. We try to check this as much as possible


Are members obliged to play ranking games?


No members are not obliged to battle in the arena. We believe people should enjoy the game the way they want to and battling in the arena is not something everyone wants to do.


Oh, thats nice, so how many places are left?


Currently just 1 spot left


Sent a request