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5 star Breeding odds - is it possible to get 5 stars or bug

Howdy y’all,

This is mainly a post for Devs to see or help explain. I was wondering if you guys could look into the drop rates for breeding 5 stars with 5 stars. i have had 5 stars breeding together ever since global launch and have NEVER got a 5 star from breeding 5 stars together. I know its all luck and that rubbish i keep getting told, but I’m not believing it anymore. I’ve spent easy 40k runes speeding up breeds praying for anything. Now every single person i have seen breed a 5 star dragon has said it has come from breeding two 4 stars together. please explain how this seems to have better odds or either my game is bugged as hell. please help

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I got a 5 star from breeding a 5 star and a 4 star.

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well it is confirmed then, must be my game. i literally do two breeds per day. (runes to speed up) and nothing, my only 5 star has come by two 4 stars back in beta??

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I’m not sure how a 4x4 breeding can give a 5* dragon. Perhaps that’s the bug.

All can breed higher star levels.


Considering the draft rate is less than 1% I doubt the breeding chances for a Legendary are much more, maybe 3% if that. I wonder if a higher level increases a dragon’s chances of breeding better stars, but there’s been no confirmation. I need to level some of them up anyway so no loss.

If you have been breeding from global launch your overall level might be holding you back. (Your hatchery won’t even let you breed 4 star dragons until you upgrade it a couple times) Breeding two 4 stars is a 16 hr wait time and 16k fish. Breeding two 5 stars means you are waiting longer and spending more, so you’ve either been spending runes or grinding like crazy to keep up those resources and cut down on that wait time.

At level 35 I get a 25% time reduction on Rare breeding, and I can hope that at higher levels there is reduced time for Epics and Legendary too. If you aren’t at a high level yet, you might want to hold off on that 5 star breeding in case the game later offers you a chance to minimize your time and turn out more hatchlings.

and to answer featherwing, if you have two dragons of the same star level, you can reach the star tier above it, although evidence points to needing a higher breedery level to hatch 4-5 stars, but I bet it is an extremely slim chance for any higher tiers. Breeding a 5 star and 4 star together will probably give a slightly better chance, with two 5 stars giving the best chance, but Legendary drop or hatch rates are always gonna be slim.

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Okay, this is really informative. On my part, though, you see, I am comparing 4x4 breeding to 3x3 and 3x4 breedings. I do not have the option to get 4* dragons from 3x3, nor do I have the option to get 3* dragons from 2x2. And with that logic, it shouldn’t have been possible to get 5* from a 4x4 breeding match.

You have fully provided evidence that 4x4 can produce a 5* offspring, however, so I rest my case.

I guess so. @upperthorso proved this to be true for 4x4 breedings, but I am curious if the reason it’s not available to me is I need to reach breedery level 4, or even 5. We’ll see.

Your breedery level might totally be the reason… I couldn’t breed higher star dragons so it makes sense that you can’t hatch them until later as well…

However I wasn’t paying as close attention when breeding at lower levels, so I’m not totally sure. But keep levelling up and we’ll see :smiley:

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Alright then, I’ll come back with a statement after I do those upgrades. So far, they’re not available. I have to reach level 26 for the breedery level 4 upgrade to be possible.

I did a little more research with my Nadders and Stormcutters

So two *** give me a chance at a **** for reasonable time and fish

When I use one **** instead, my time more than triples but my fish doesn’t even double. I don’t get a chance at a higher tier dragon, but the increased resources may mean a higher chance at that ****

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That’s exactly what my breedery has available for 3x3 and 3x4, only with different dragons. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a 5 star today out of 2 4 stars. Been breeding the same pair for about 26days now though with a 16 hour breeding time. Worth the wait I guess

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