5 star dragon after update

Hi guys! I wanted to throw this out there because it seems pretty important…
Apparently 5 star dragons initially needed a duplicate dragon to go from 2 to 3 stars. People in my guild are saying that now they no longer require it… considering how many rounds at the draft (and how many gems) it would take to get those duplicates, i’m seeing a lot of disappointment from players who feel that a vast amount of their gems were spent in vain.

you never needed a copy of a 5* to train it from 2 stars to 3 stars. Only 2 copies are needed in total one for the 4 star training and 1 for the 5* training.


Woah, if that’s the case then there is just a bunch of update paranoia going on. Thanks so much for telling me this, it’s going to calm these guys down a lot!!

I think it depends on the dragon. Possibly just the hybrids need that extra dupe? My 4* Revenger needs two dupes. One from 2 to 3 then 3 to 4*. My 5* Shrill Boltbeak only needs 2 dupes as well from 3 to 4* and 4 to 5*. My 4* Beachcomber needs dupe from 2 to 3*. And I’m sure 3 to 4*. So maybe it’s always just the last 2 stars.