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5 Star dragons

So i have a the 5 star red gronckle and well when i trained it from a baby it became a 1 star out of 5 which seem normal like other dragons but when i 1st train my 1st 5 star it was a 2 star right a way and that was my blue stormcutter i wanted to know did ludia change it were 5 stars don’t become 2 stars from babys and now become 1 stars out of 5

Dragons going directly to 2 stars is supposedly just a visual bug.

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well that makes no since cause look at this

that when i trained it the 1st time and that was in feb. when i also had a glicth on this dragon here a link for it

but yeah did they chance it from going from 2 star to 1 for 5 star dragons?

It has always been 1* going to 2* was a visual bug like the poster above said

So you saying my starcutter right now is a 2* even tho it has 3* on it and I’ve only had one?

If you raise dirt to 3* then it is a 3*. You had to get it to 3* by moving thru levels you couldn’t see because of the bug. If you are now seeing the levels move, you are past the bug

Yeah but it move the levels after I reported it to ludia it was suck but like a day after I reported it to Ludia it went up in levels after 1. but still kept it’s stats after pumping thing into it with out moving lv and stay a 2star I’ve only own one 5 star stormcutter and don’t u need another to get it to 3*?

No. 5* dragons only need dupe for 4th and 5th stars

Oh :stuck_out_tongue: that I didn’t know why didn’t you just say that