5 Step Epic Strike Guide

Hey all!

Working on a quick guide for the five step epic strike out today that I wasn’t expecting! :smiley: I’ll have something up shortly and put it here. Anyone had any luck on it so far with average dino levels around 20 or so?

Let me know if specific dinos are proving challenging and I’ll add the guide here when i post it in the next 30 minutes or so.

UPDATE: Below is the guide!


Pretty much did the whole thing with a L20 Utasinoraptor; I used a 2nd creature on 3 matches L20 Tryostronix, L20 Pyrittator and L16 Dracorex G2. Only needed one of them because I was experimenting with Tuojiango and the Dracorex was simply because - I didn’t have to swap out. Dracosteratops swap in was annoying rather than a problem.

Just done it. Some step are pretty tough for low levels specially the last two. Don’t remember the exact level. But the last one was tenontorex, tyrannolophosaure and grypoltyth.

The 4th one was dracoceratop, tyrannolophosaure and grypolyth.

My dinos was around lvl 18 but I almost lost 2 of those.

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Which kind of dinos you recommend???

I’ve done it with pyrritator, spinotaraptor, stegodeus and gorgosuchus for the first 3 and swap stego for suchotator for the last 2. But I’m mid low level (~lvl 18) , for higher lvl team, it will be way easier I think.

What level is your stego?

Stego is 19, sucho 18, pyrri 17, spino 18 and gorgo 18

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Was not so easy as i thought, pretty fun to fight those dino !

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@MNBrian Man, thanks for the guide. Keep up the good work. You are just AWESOME!!!

Just wondering why it was a surprise…

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Here the last step. Pretty unlucky with crits and I didn’t plan it.

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Because most of the time, when there are several steps, it is easier than one step.

I finished most of it with my 22 Suchotator. My lvl 17 Draco2 really helped out with the swap in and their health was low. Also had to pull out my 19 Pyrritator a couple of times.

You’ve got Draco to 17 now :+1::smile: I need to dart another 4 or 5. Hopefully I’ll do it before tomorrow’s tower - any idea yet what team you are going to field for that?

I should actually have my Draco to 18 by tomorrow with the help of my amazing alliance :heart_eyes:
Still working on strategy. I’m thinking bleeding out will be my best bet. But I’m not holding my breath. Will also wait for some people to post video and see the general move set before I attempt.


Normally we get a leak on what the expected dinos are. I didn’t see any leak this time so had to get the guide ready this morning rather than prior. :slight_smile:

Your guides have been very helpful. Thanks.
Tomorrow’s challenge is a serious one. Not sure whether I can make it or not…:sweat_smile:

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I used Spinotasuchus, Utarinex, Diloracheirus and Stegodeus…

@Hersh Nice dna I got… Cheers and Good luck!!

I got this