5 Step Epic Strike Guide

I was able to do it with a team of 18-21 (that freshly unlocked indoraptor really came in handy!) I changed up the team a bit based on what I was facing. I relied heavily on Indo and Stegod. The final two battles were challenging for me because of the mix of defense shattering and shielding/armored opponents.

Thanks for your guides! They are extremely helpful.

@Kopas_25 . … thanks bud! things worked out okay i think :grin: (no koola!)


Did it with lvl 16 Utahsino, lvl 23 Indoraptor and lvl 20 Monostego for cleanup on last step. Wasn’t easy but doable.

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Did it but it was pretty hard. First three steps quite easy, but the last two were harder! During last steps, 2-2 gorgo vs grypro, I won with 89 HP left. They critted a lot (expecially tryranno). Got some apato, nunda, nodo and amarga but I’m very happy for ~200 Trex :revolving_hearts:

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Not good for me, my only good dinosaurs are an ornithomimus lvl 11, a velociraptor lvl 15, a Sinoceratops lvl 13, a stegoceratops lvl 14, a gorgosuchus lvl 14, an Alanqa lvl 14, a postimetrodon lvl 14 and a nodopatosaurus lvl 13

Been there , patience will take you to those epic strikes later :wink:

Completed it with;
17 - suchotator
17 - gorgosuchus
18 - indominus
19 - diplotator
…and just a touch of luck.