50% and 75% crit resistance

Any crit resistance that is not 100% is pretty much useless. Cunning move put down crit chance to zero% making any non 100% crit resistance useless since their crit chance is 0%. Maybe changing them to 100% resistance or making new moves that reduce their crit chance by 50% or something to actually making it useful.


The game also calculates how much the crit chance is reduced wrong. If you have 20% base crit chance and 50% crit chance resistance, a cunning move will reduce your move by 50%. But instead of multiplying your crit chance by 0.5 (which is what "reduce by 50% means), it SUBTRACTS 50% from whatever your crit chance is (so 20% - 50% = -30%, so 0% crit chance instead of 20% x 0.5 = 10% crit chance). Like if you have 50% rend resistance, it doesn’t subtract 50% from the rend (so a 33.3% wouldn’t do any damage) - no, it cuts the rend damage in half, like its SUPPOSED TO. So why does crit chance work differently? To me this is a fairly obvious oversight, considering its been like this since 2.0. Fix this, and any crit reduction resistance would be useful.


Crit reduction resistance should just be 100% or none. We’re just gonna ask for more RNG if they fix it this way. They should just give everything with “partial” crit reduct resist either full resistance or just remove it and thereby remove unecessary code


@Ned can you forward this problem to Jurassic World Alive team please

Thank you, Phorusaura. I’ll bring this up with our team.

I see your point. The math is wrong.

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All crit resistances were changed to either 100% or 0% for this very reason about a year ago
It seems argenterix, Glyptoceras and Rinchicyon are the only outliers here

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